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ΙΧΩΡ Productions Channel (launched: 29/6/2011)



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March 8th 2014

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Greek Nationalism/Patriotism, Euroscepticism, National Capitalism

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My first mapping video


Outcome of Percy's TFoE Episode 2

Percy is a mapper from Greece, like Zukas and Zephyrus. His channel is called ΙΧΩΡ Productions Channel, where someone can find mapping, "music" and AMVs from A TLA series. Here's a link to his channel:

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Percy was born in Drama, Greece, and he moved to Athens at the age of 3. At school he was bullied a lot, because he was fat. No one wanted him at their football team, everyone punched him for no reason. So he became a lonely person with only 2-3 friends.


Percy loves Geography. When he was five or younger, his parents brought a map of Greece in his bedroom and he started playing games with it. Later he received a map of Europe and one with the World, and he became even more fascinated. At the 4th grade of primary school, in 2007, he made his series: "Alternate School" on paper. He pretended that some classrooms represented schoolmate unions and made them fight each other. Previously he made his first map of Greece in March 2007. In October 2007 he took these series to the next level, making the "Alternate Timeline of Greece"* on paper, again. Some of the nations he made were the Filias Empire, the Tempians, Pont, Germoland. In 2008-9 he started making a series about Europe as a sequel. On paper. Again. Unfotunately, most of this work is lost, either thrown away or just ruined. The only sample it remains for sure is a drawing block from 5th grade of primary school with highlights of Filias Empire Balkan Conquest.

While he was roaming in YouTube, and watched some "Realistic Scenarios about Future European Borders" videos, he came across Demod2's FoE. He found them very interesting. Then he saw all the videos from DisturbedFan1100. So this map love he had came back to him! When he learnt that there was a wiki about FoE, he got even more excited! So, he decided to make videos, too, except all that paper work. He uploaded his first video on March 8th, 2014. He signed in the wiki sometime later.

Percy's Opinions About


He is the founder of this wikia and one of the first mappers. Being a brony doesn't bother me. Some people think it is stupid. I don't, but still it confuses me. Some info, plox?


He is a nice person. He has very nice sense of humour and he is also Greek which helps a lot.


He is Greek, too, BUT I DON'T HAVE SKYPE YET!!! (he gets it xD) His videos are very nice, especially some funny ones he uploaded recently.


He is a fan of dinosaurs, which is cool. They say he caused many Wiki Wars, though. But still he is a nice kid!


He maps like a boss!!! He inspired me to make my letters curved.


He was LITERALLY the first mapper I watched


His AHoE motivated me to start mapping

Danijel Radosav

His videos have very nice music and plot. He is also Serbian aka bro!

it's excellent

Plans to make my crazy animation.


He is a great person who makes very nice war simulations. Also his FoE is very bizarre which is cool. He is Cypriot and knows some greek - we had some good times.


We played a mini map game together! He is also a very nice person.


Phil is a good guy. He used to spam but now he seems he stopped it.

Multi Mappers

Multi's videos are good. Very good actually. Quite a sweet start. He is the co-founder of UPMU, I guess, which is cool, because back then brought unity and peace in the Wiki.


Loli's videos are unique. Very creative plot. He mentioned something about "autism" and "mood swings" Are you autistic? I ask because of interest, not to make fun of you. Anyway, he also has very nice taste of music. He introduced me into nightstep! :D


He is a nice person. His videos are very good.

Kavishan Mapping

We had some good times in chat.


He is awesome. Very social and active in the wiki. We talk a lot in chat especially at (greek) night when I am bored and start a chat. He has also greek roots and knows some basics which improves our communication.


His videos are very good. I wonder why he hasn't more subs. He deserves it!


He trolls a lot. Sometimes it is indeed very funny, but sometimes it gets boring as well. He is accused of having fake subs, but nah.


He is a thkiaolos. Derp. But seriously he is a very good friend. We like the same football team, so yeah... PAOK BROS FTW!

Asdf Mapping

I like his videos very much. He is a good person and he supports my job. I like him.

Mapper Freaker

I really like his videos because they have a very nice plot. He was one of the first to add CEOM in their series. He doesn't upload much, though. But hey! You have to let the artist get inspired before making anything, am I right?


Sunny is a very nice friend. We chat a lot and that helps to improve our relations. His nations are bizarre and cool


Cool guy, friendly chap. He said he will leave mapping. I am glad he didn't.


Awesome person. Supports me a lot. I like the fact he agrees with me in some situations. Also ALL HEIL KING DREX THE MOST AWESOME LEADER IN ZE WORLD.

Ion Mapping

Ion's videos are very good. I like the fact that he uses texture maps, it makes his videos look cooler. He has also a great persoanality, which helps a lot to interact with him.


MrMapper is awesome, funny and his videos are very good. Plus he is the first genuine Israeli I've met.


Although, I don't see him often, I have made up my mind about him. He is a very good guy and we match, ideologically. His videos are awesome and his views about some issues match with mine.


He is a nice lad. Nice personality and very enthusiastic about MSC. His excitement helps me a lot with that actually. He is also polite and active here, which is very good. Also nice vids.

Mappers' Opinions About Percy


Mapper Freaker

One of best mappers in world in my opinion, he is also one of mine few friends in this wikia, cus he is just so awesome. He also goes into same class as me, aka. persons who don't upload often. And as i said, his videos are also awesome and that is basically only difference between us.



I loved his Mapping Movie, and Mappervision was a great idea that I admire. He's fun to talk to, and we also became chatmods at the same time so yeah. Greece Stronk.


Percy is a creative mapper, being able to speak multiple languages and creating new ideas such as Mappervision and the Mapping Movie. I am generally inspired by him and congratulate him on becoming a chatmod.


Percy is great. He is Greek and I love Greece. But the most important thing is that he is the MSC editor!!!


Percy's favourite planet is Neptune.

His official nation is the Cassandrian Empire of Macedonia. It was created in 2008-9 - there is paper work that confirms it. Actually Cassandrian Empire does not claim Anatolian clay, only few areas. Sorry for that, MOAP.

Percy's favourite numbers are 18, 36, 54,...

Percy became fan of Epic music and nightstep through mapping!

Like Golden, he can draw an almost accurate map of Europe. But he needs some time unlike Gr25...

The programmes he uses are Movie Maker, MS Paint, MS Office PowerPoint and After Effects CS4

Percy doesn't approve

From least to most.

1.Being in overcrowded places.

2.His primary school classmates-they are dumb.

3.Devoted anti-Greek people

=3.Pandemic Deseases

=3.The chance of the extiction of greeks.

Cool Stuff :D

Percy showcases some of his favourite music: