The 13th Wiki War (Second arab War)


June 22nd 2014 - June 23rd 2014

Side 1 (NAA)

AmmarBousaid97, JabrilAbu97, Usman Mustafa Saleh,

Side 2 (Defenders/TheCoalition)

MansurNejem96, EthanConquistador, Zephyrus Mapping, Goldenrebel25, Silver Militia 26,Thelolistan, ExplodingPaintbrushProductions, Sunburn9000, Thumboy, MikiPL004, MrOwnerandPwner, HappyDance9, Mind1337, TKAFAN02. 99batran, Multi Mappers


Side 1 wants to force MansurNejem into the NAA.

The war started because the arabs wanted to form the NAA but MansurNejem refused to join. The Arabs then declared war.

They bullied Mansur and other mappers.

HappyDance9 (having sympathy for Mansur) allies with him and declares war on Side 1.

Side 2 won when the Arabs brought Operation Bengal into motion (basically invading the wiki with their school friends), they were banned shortly after.


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