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  • Hungary starts focusing more on trading. It builds ships for both for trading, and for military purposes. Hungary seeks alliance with Austria, Aragon and Poland, and wants a N(on) A(ggression) P(act) with the Ottoman Empire to keep safe its borders.
    • Austria's answer: Austria accepts the Alliance of Hungary.
    • Aragon's answer: Aragon accepts the Alliance.
    • Poland's answer: Poland accepts the Alliance.
    • Ottomans' answer: The Ottoman Empire accepts the NAP.
  • The Ottoman Empire begins to build up its armies with cavalry and seize weaponry with a few ground troops, ships and bowmen.
  • Trebizond is in a good position to start continuing the legacy of Rome, after they see an inevitable fall within the Byzantine Empire. The Empire of Trebizond focuses on money-building to gain access to large but cheap mercenary groups, with also several core armies backing it up. To feel more safe, Trebizond asks Aragon to support it using its navy along with the hopes of increasing Trade and Western Influence to help it gain fire-arms.
    • Aragon's answer: Aragon accepts gladly.
  • Castile trains some soldiers to help to increase the chance of being the largest empire, so Castile prepared its invasion of Grenada, hopefully to finish the reconquesta for once. It also requests Aragon for alliance.
    • Aragon's answer: Aragon accepts the proposal.
  • England starts to build up its navy again. Also England seeks alliance with Austria and Castile.
    • Castile's answer: Accepts.
    • Austria's answer: Austria accepts the proposal.
  • Ming highly expands their army because of their very big population. In order to increase China's position in the neighborhood, the emperor proposes an alliance to Tibet and Dai Viet.
    • Tibet's answer: Tibet accepts the alliance and sees it as pleasure.
    • Dai Viet's answer: Dai Viet accepts Ming's alliance proposal, and also sees it as pleasure.
  • Austria starts to build of his army for future wars.
  • Aragon begins to increase its armada even more, buy building 30 warships in all the ports, specially in the capital, Valencia. The Aragonese governments sees the chance of annexing Naples in ten years. Also, Aragon asks Castile about a possible future personal union.
    • Castile's answer: Castile accepts, but not now, maybe later on.
  • Kingdom of Poland builds some horsemen, bowmen and foot soldiers. Also, starts to improve relations with the Holy Roman Empire and sends an Alliance offer to Emperor (Austria).
    • Austria's Answer: Austria accepts Poland's proposal.
    • Moderator: Just saying, not Austria is the Emperor at this time, it's Luxembourg.



  • Hungary builds up more navy. Hungary also requests a trade agreement with Poland, Austria, Aragon and Trebizond.
    • Trebizond Accepts the Trade Agreement
    • Aragon accepts trade agreement
  • Trebizond increases taxation in their country and focuses on annexing the countries south of it through royal marriages, despite being Muslim.
  • Norway builds up its navy and get more citizens. They make more cites and build archers with viking armour.
  • Castile continues to build up troops and positioning on Portuguese border for the preparation of invasion. And continues to build trade power slowly (I wasn't focusing on it) and sends an alliance to Navarra.
    • Navarra's answer:
  • England recruits 3000 more men to its army. They start moving their army to Normandy for an invasion. Also makes a trade deal with Denmark (Kalmar Union) and asks Aragon for help invading France and wants to split it between them.
    • Aragon's answer: Aragon agrees and moves 20.000 soldiers to the Rouisllon and most of the armada there.
    • Census: 374,500 people and 40,000 in the army.
  • Ming continues recruiting more men into their army and improves their training and weapons to become more effective on the battlefield. They also propose an NAP (Non-Aggression Pact) to Korea and Oirat.
    • Korea's answer: Korea gladly accepts Ming's proposal.
    • Oirat's answer: Oirat doesn't accepts the proposal because of relations of the two nations.
  • Austria makes more army and prepares for finding India and China. She also asks Poland for port usage.
    • Poland's answer: Yes, if Austria will accept and alliance.
  • Aragon increases is navy with 20 more ships, and recruits 10,000 soldiers. Aragon also begins to make a bunch of swords, shields and iron coats, Aragon says to Castile that they will ignore the action on Portugal, if they ignore their action in France.
    • Castile's answer:
  • When the King of Poland visited Austria, he was amazed by idea of colonization. Poland makes more ships to get new trade routes with Chinese and Indian nations and also asks Austria for aggressive collaboration against Ottomans.
    • Austria's answer: Austria accepts Poland's proposal.
    • Moderator: While you can colonize lands later on (around 1480), you can't just say colonize. In Real Life, the nations wanted a good trade route with Chinese and Indian nations, and thats why they thought sailing to to the west was a good idea, because they didn't know about the Americas and they thought sailing to the west will get them in India/China. So I changed that to finding new trade routes. Oh yeah and Poland doesn't have a port.
  • Novgorod starts training soldiers to expand itself towards east. Novgorod also opens up diplomatic relations with Austria and Hungary.
    • Austria's answer: Austria accepts Novgorod's proposal.
    • Hungary's answer: Hungary accepts Novgorod's proposal. Hungary also sees it as a great chance to become a great power.
  • The Timurids collect loot from their citizens. Also they get some of the citizens to the army by force. Their leader decides to use Elephants and horses in the next battle. The Timurids also sent an alliance to Trebizond.
    • Trebizond's answer: Give us your caucasian lands then we will have a deal.
  • Frisia commences to look for allies. They also propose an alliance with England, Austria and France. They increase their taxes.
    • Austria's answer: Austria accepts Frisia's proposal.
    • England's answer: England accepts only if English ships can trade there and Frisia will protect their rights.
    • France's answer: France accepts Frisia's proposal gladly.


  • Sigismund I of Hungary dies. His son (Sigismund II) succeeds him on throne.


1430You can start wars now! Keep that in mind that the wars will be at the end of the turn!

  • Hungary demands some trade ports from Morocco. They also ask Aragon whether they would help them against Morocco if he refuses. In top of that they ask if they can go through the Straits of Gibraltar. They also send a royal marriage proposal to Wallachia to make their influence stronger in the region.
    • Morocco's answer: Morocco refuses Hungary's proposal.
    • Aragon's answer: Aragon accepts Hungary's proposal. They send ships to Hungary.
    • Wallachia's answer: Wallachia accepts Hungary's proposal. They send their daughter.
  • Trebizond would accept Timurids alliance proposal IF they give their Caucasian lands to Trebizond.
    • Timurid's answer:The Timurids doesn't accept.
    • Hungary's answer: Hungary accepts Trebizond's offer.
  • Castile focuses on trade and military. They send the forces to focus on Grenada more forces than Portugal mostly from moving forces from the north parts.
  • England and Aragon attack France and focus on defending Normandy and Barcelona from French troops. England also requests Austrias help in the war. No territories or battles happen as of yet.
  • Ming improves their economy and tax collecting system. They propose NAP for 50 years to Chagatai (obviously it's not that small vassal country) to stabilize situation in the region. Emperor also demands from the Mongol Khanate one-third of their territory that would improve Chinese contact with Manchuria. In case Mongol Khanate refuses their proposal, Ming mobilizes its army and gathers it in northern part of the country, being ready for possible invasion.
    • Chagatai's Answer: Chagatai accepts Ming's proposal.
    • Mongol Khanate's Answer: The Mongol Khanate refuses Ming's proposal and gets ready for the upcoming war.
  • Austria makes economical and social reforms. Also they send ally proposal to Timurids as a ally in East.
    • Timurids' Answer:
  • Aragon attacks the Port of Marseilles with ships and then lands 5000 troops there, also, invades France from the Pyrenees with 15,000 soldiers, besieging Toulouse. Also, Narbonne is taken.
  • Novgorod continues eastern expansion but withdraws several troops to attack the land bordering the Kalmar Union. In addition Novgorod requests an alliance with Kalmar Union in exchange for OTL Finland and Kalmar getting OTL Sweden.
    • Kalmar Union's answer: The Kalmar Union refuses the proposal for land exchange, but accepts the alliance.
  • Timurids Declare war and Occupy areas of Armenia.

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