4th CON Summit
Host country Monteregian Federation
Date 2-5 February, 2018
Venue(s) Havenecht Convention Centre
Participants Leader Council of CON
Follows 3rd CON summit
Precedes 5th CON summit
The 4th CON summit was held on 2-5 February, 2018 in Havenecht, Monteregian Federation. It was the fourth summit of Commonwealth of Official Nations and the second summit to be hosted in North America.

The summit involves several speeches, votes and topics to discuss about. The agenda of the summit is to discuss about the future of CON and re-organizing the union and its institutions.

Host selection

Havenecht Convention Centre.jpg
Havenecht Convention Centre
Host selection began after Commonwealth of Official Nations announced that they are looking forward to arrange the 4th CON summit. Unlike in the past three summits, the bidding process was not held. The reason for this was the inactivity for the process.

The last summit only had two bids, one of which was by Monteregis. The CON Parliament proposed to Monteregis to be the host of the fourth summit. The Parliament of Monteregis voted and accepted the proposition from the CON Parliament.

Monteregis chose Havenecht as the host city for the summit. The venue for the summit is Havenecht Convention Centre, located in the Downtown Havenecht.

4th Summit host selection
City Country Result
Havenecht MonteregisFlag Monteregis Awarded to be a host


The current Leader Council of Commonwealth of Official Nations is invited to the summit.

Core CON members
Host state and leader are shown in bold text.
Member Represented by Title
Flag of Arkmarken Arkmarken Marko Koskinen President
Adsız3 Frangleterre Philip Anderson President
Flag of Hoflan Hoflan William Von Hannover Prime Minister
FielgerFlag Fielger Trygve Sumessen President
MonteregisFlag Monteregis Jean-Jacques Gauguin President
Rumas Flag Rumas Traian Azoroni Prime Minister
Tavakareluu flag Tavakareluu Lauri Virtanen Prime Minister
Flag of the United Great Lakes United Great Lakes Ryan Scott President
Flag of Vandaysia Vandaysia Rik Kleijnee Prime Minister


Airline alliance

Proposed by the Republic of Vandaysia.

As you probably know we already chose to make an airline alliance in the previous summit, but as the decision hasn't been enforced yet, we think it is important to talk about it again. To see our proposal about this issue please click here.


Do you agree with Vandaysia's plan for the airline alliance?
Yes No
8 / 9
1 / 9

Headquarters for CON Central Bank

Proposed by the Republic of Vandaysia.

We still haven't chosen where to put our central bank. Please vote.

Tavakareluu flag
2 / 9
7 / 9
0 / 9

Reformation of the Parliament

Proposed by the Federal Republic of Great Lakes.

The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Official Nations has proven to be ineffective and its supranational goals were never accomplished. If the member states will not do anything to the Parliament, it will just end up being a big and expensive puppet show.
- Charles Tremblay, Conservative Party
Senator from Wisconsin

The CON Parliament is soon celebrating its first birthday. We would've expected to share some moments what this legislature has done to CON. But we have a sad fact to face - There's nothing what the Parliament did. After having an unsuccessful year, the Congress of Great Lakes decided to launch a project for reforming the Parliament. More about the project can be seen in the page of the project.

Here's a short summary of votes where the Congress wants answers to:

Suggestion Yes No
New elections
8 / 9
1 / 9
Supranational power
7 / 9
2 / 9
Number of seats determined by population
4 / 9
5 / 9
More seats
9 / 9
0 / 9
Government and Opposition
5 / 9
4 / 9

New members

As a tradition, CON will consider taking new members to the Commonwealth.

Results of new members vote


Flag of Arkmarken


Flag of Hoflan



Rumas Flag

Tavakareluu flag

Flag of the United Great Lakes

Flag of Vandaysia





Not accepted



Danubian Fed.

Not accepted


Not accepted


Not accepted




Not accepted

Western Rep.

Accepted on certain conditions


Not accepted

Valkyrian Conf.

Not accepted

Gralician Fed.

Not accepted


Not accepted

Slavic Conf.

Not accepted


Not accepted

Cascadian Fed.

Not accepted
  Requires certain conditions in order to accept the nation