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The project for Reformation of the Parliament

New elections

The current seats of CON Parliament are outdated. Our parliament doesn't have representatives from the new and possibly upcoming members. On the other hand, the parliament has representatives from a nation which is not part of CON anymore. I think we should held a new election after the summit.

Supranational power

The main goal of the Parliament was to be a supranational institution for the member states, but it didn't become one. In the future, the Parliament should propose laws that affect in every member state. CON should still have summits for the bigger decisions, but the parliament could decide on small things and discuss more about different topics.

Number of seats determined by population

In the latest parliament election, every member state had ten seats to the Parliament. We think the parliament should have one permanent number of seats. If we keep adding more and more seats as the alliance grows, it will be very expensive. We think the number of seats should be determined by population of the member state, or at least in some way. We have small states and big states, so we should equalize the number of seats in some way. But in generally speaking, the more people you have in your country, more seats you have in the parliament.

More seats

If the proposition above this proposition will get accepted, we should definitely increase the number of seats we have right now. One hundred seats is just not enough for a growing alliance with nearly ten member states. We suggest that the number of seats should be 300.

Government and Opposition

As a parliament which targets to be a democratic legislature, we should exercise in Parliamentarism. Three or two largest political groups in the Parliament should form the cabinet and the rest political group should exercise as opposition.