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CON Transportation Program
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  • Name: Skycon (Skycon - CON Air Alliance)
  • Allowed airlines: Every nation can join with ONE airline only (plus its subsidiaries, it doesn't necessarily have to be its flag carrier) to keep a healthy competition in each nation's internal aviation market. JUST CON AIRLINES ARE ALLOWED (To be considered a CON airline, an airline should be owned at least by 50% by CON individuals/companies.)
  • Airlines who are in Skycon shouldn't be allowed to join other alliances such as Mapperdonia Skies.
  • Headquarters: Sangkhat, Vandaysia
  • Strategy: Skycon members will be able to integrate their booking systems, make codeshared flights, make connections with other members and they will get economical support in case of need.
  • Invited airlines (you can still apply with another airline): Vandair (+ Oceanian), Lakes Air (+ Lakes Express), Fjellair, Arkkimerkkin Air, Monteras Airlines, ....