This is now an Inactive Map Game.

Welcome to A random play-by-email like game! If you have played games like Austerlitz, then this game is similar to it. The game takes place in an alternate history during the late middle ages. Your mission is to be the last one standing trough diplomacy and warfare. Hope you enjoy!



1st Symbol: Represent units. The number next to them indicates their health.

() = Attack when attacking cities

H: Horsemen, 4 moves, 2 attack, 3 health, 1 range, 5 cost.

A: Archers, 3 moves, 2 attack, 1 health, 2 range, 3 cost.

K: Knights, 2 moves, 5 attack, 4 health, 1 range, 7 cost.

C: Catapults, 1 move, 2(9) attack, 3 health, 4 range, 6 cost.

S: Soldier, 2 moves, 1 attack, 2 health, 1 range, 1 cost.

X: Axemen, 2 moves, 3 attack, 3 health, 1 range, 3 cost.

E: Explorer, 6 moves, 2 attack, 1 health, 1 range, 2 cost.

Water units: Just like land units, but can only be built on coastal cities and can only move on water(w). They can also attack only coastal cities and units.

T: Trireme, 6 moves, 3 attack, 3 health, 2 range, 5 cost.

B: Battleship, 4 moves, 4 attack, 5 health, 3 range, 8 cost.

2nd Symbol: Represent terrain. Different terrains have different modifiers on units. These modifiers only apply to the unit in the tile.

W: Water, land units cn move only one tile/turn on water.

M: Mountains, +1 attack for attackers.

P: Plains, no modifiers.

F: Forest, +1 defense for defenders. # If someone attacks you, they will make -1 less damage to you.

C: Cities, own units adjacent to and in the city gain +3 health each turn. Cities produce +6 gold each turn. You can train units only in cities and they

must be empty of units. You can only train water units in cities adjacent to water(w). The number next to the city indicates its health. Cities have 25 health.

They gain 3 health every turn, if they have less than 25 health.

3rd Symbol: Indicates the nation of the tile. Move along units when conquering land.

N: Netherlands

F: France

R: Russia

B: Byzantine Empire

H: Hungary

G: Germany

I: Italy

E: England

S: Scotland

C: Castille

P: Portugal

L: Poland-Lithuania

D: Denmark

W: Wallachia

M: Mongol Empire


0: You gain the gold from the cities you own.

1: Moving units. You can move the unit as many tiles as it says in the moves ( check 1st symbol ). You can move over your own units and cities, but you can't move over

other players units and cities. You can't move diagonally. When at war all the tiles on your path become part of your nation. You can attack diagonally as long as the

enemy unit is in your range. If your range is 2 tiles, you can attack units 2 tiles away etc. you can attack after moving, but not before moving. You can also decide

to not move at all.

2: Recruiting units. If you have gold, you can buy units. The unit has to be empty of any units.

3: Diplomacy. You can declare wars on other players, offer or break alliances, ask for peace, give or ask money, buy or sell land or ask or give land access.

There's basically no rules in diplomacy, you have to make them yourselves. The exceptions are that the truce after wars is always 5 turns or higher, and allies

must join wars. If they don't the alliance is broken. In land acces you can move your troops on the land of the nation that gave you land acces. The nation symbol

is put next to the actual owner of the land, and moves along the unit. Allies get land acces automatically. 

Some other rules:

Npcs: If a nation turns into a NPC, you can't have any form of diplomacy with it. If you have a land acces to the nation, you can move units on it. If you're at war with the nation

you continue the war for 5 turns and then it's instant peace.

War and peace: If your enemy has an enclave smaller than 5 tiles with no cities, units or water access, it becomes part of your nation the next turn, unless an access is re-created by the enemy.

When creating a peace treaty, you and your opponent and yours and your opponents allies can either take all the land they got from the war, and the side that "won", can

take additional land or redraw borders. Once both sides come into an compromise, the peace treaty comes in power.

Start: Nobody has any troops on start and everyone start with 25 gold.

How to play


Nation name: Scotland

Nation symbol: S

Cities: 3

Gold: -

Moves(optional): #an example a1(unit type and health), G,9(starting position) to G,11(new position), etc.

The map: (Insert the download link to the .ods map)

Diplomacy: #an example We propose an alliance with England. We can give you some gold in exchange.

We ask for 50 gold from Denmark, or we shall meet in battlefield.

Map editing:

Use excel or some other software that can edit .ods files. I personally use Open Office.

Use the rules and symbols above while editing map.

Once you've finished, upload the map and insert the link in your turn.



Note: This is also the order of turns for the nations. If a nation is NPC, it will be skipped.

N: Netherlands

F: France

R: Russia

B: Byzantine Empire

H: Hungary ( Slime Mapper )

G: Germany

I: Italy

E: England

S: Scotland

C: Castille

P: Portugal

L: Poland-Lithuania

D: Denmark

W: Wallachia

M: Mongol Empire


This hasn't started yet. Every turn lasts for 3-5 days. Can be extended/shortened in certain cases.

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