This is now an Inactive Map Game.

The aim of the game is to form a large empire.

I made this because the map game section is filled with MSG's cancer.

I hope an exception in the rule can be made for this.

Countries (1)


Gallic Mapping (Preasten) (NPC's) (Founder)

Catalan Mapping (we agreed on chat)

99Batran (Lore Makerand Turn Organizer, NPCs,)


  • Gallic Mapping (Kanem Bornu)
  • Catalan Mapping (Tafilalt)
  • TenaciousMapping (Dahomey)
  • XXSebbanXx (Mamluks)
  • Minnesotan (Makuria)
  • CJaviation (Choosing) (Edit this when you have chosen)
  • MAGICxPYthon (Ethiopia)
  • MattMapping668 (Oman)
  • Freaker-San (Kabylia)
  • TheSteampunkTotoro (Sakalava)
  • AlternateHistoryMapper (Tunis)
  • GreaterVenezuela (ottomans)

Playable Nations

*Bold Means someone is playing as it already
*Cross Means Unplayable (Destroyed)
*Itallics Means its playable as a Vassal (put the country its a vassal of next to)
You can release nations as vassals (you can even create new ones and add them below

  • Mamluks
  • Makuria
  • Benin
  • Jolof
  • Kaabu
  • Adal
  • Ajuuran
  • Alodia
  • Aussa
  • Beja
  • Damot
  • Dongola
  • Ennarea
  • Ethiopia
  • Funj
  • Geledi
  • Hadiya
  • Harar
  • Hobyo
  • Janjiro
  • Kaffa
  • Majeerteen
  • Marehan
  • Medri Bahri
  • Mogadishu
  • Semien
  • Shewa
  • Warsangali
  • Welayta
  • Tlemcen
  • Djerid
  • Fez
  • Fezzan
  • Kabylia
  • Tafilalt
  • Tougourt
  • Tunis
  • Mzab
  • Asgabtu
  • Bonoman
  • Dagbon
  • Dahomey
  • Fulo
  • Hausa
  • Jenné
  • Kano
  • Katsina
  • Kong
  • Mali
  • Mossi
  • Nupe
  • Oyo
  • Segu
  • Yatenga
  • Zazzau
  • Air
  • Darfur
  • Kanem Bornu
  • Yao
  • Macina
  • Songhai
  • Timbuktu
  • Hejaz
  • Nejd
  • Yemen
  • Oman
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Timurids
  • Haasa
  • Granada
  • Cyprus
  • Dulkadir
  • Karaman
  • Shammar
  • Qara Qonyunlu
  • Aq Qonyunlu
  • Ottomans
  • Imerina
  • Sakalava
  • Pate

Suspended Players

*Haven't Touched Their Nation in a while so the admins will take control of it till you return

Kicked Players

*Broken A Rule, Allowed To Rejoin.

Banned Players

*Broken Multiple Rules or Broken a rule Twice.


  • No nation stealing
  • No being disrespectful to anyone
  • No invading anyone just because you don't like the person
  • Please listen to the admins
  • Ask Preasten Or Catalan Mapper If you want to be an admin/staff member
  • Have Fun
  • If your nation is destroyed you can ask to be another nation once. Otherwise you can't rejoin again.


In 1444, Africa is a region full of emerging kingdoms. In the east, the Christian Ethiopian empire is experiencing a golden age under its celebrated ruler, Zara Yakob. In West Africa, the space left by the crumbling Mali empire is being filled by rising states such as Songhai. An ongoing crisis in the Maghreb will soon result in the rebirth of a strong Moroccan kingdom in the northwest, while the northeast becomes the playground of European and Turkish imperialists.

How To Play

Turn Order is random, must Write Claim Turn then number of turn

all npc's have random turns between turns.

Must Do Turn within 48 hours of last player or suspended

Claim Turn Here

Approved Cassus Belli's

  1. Conquest
  2. Humiliation
  3. Cores
  4. Allies In need (Only if ally is at war)
  5. Enemy of my Enemy is my friend (if the enemy of your enemy is at war with your enemy)
  6. Trade Dispute
  7. Other (please state in claim turn, Wait For Approval)

Past Events

Turn 1:

  1. Air Declares War on Katsina CB: Conquest
  2. Kanem bornu helps by invading Yao and Katsina
  3. End Of War, Kanem Bornu and Air Victory
  4. Tunis Proposes alliance with Mamluks (can be accepted outside of turn)
  5. Tunis Declares war on Tlemcen CB: Conquest
  6. Tunis Victory takes half of Tlemcen

Turn 2

  1. Tunis Declares War on mzab
  2. Alliance Proposed with Ottomans
  3. Mzab Defends Very well after its invasion of the south Tunisian states but still loses two of its northern provinces
  4. Tunisian victory.


maps of game