Aidon Raid
Part of Anatolian Unification Wars
Map of Aidon (Aydin).
Date 31 January 2018 - 5 February 2018
Location Aidon, Iconia
Result Tactical Rumelian victory. Rumelia captured the Aidon Province which contains the only port of Iconia and whole of the Iconian navy.
Rumelia occupied Aidon Province.
Flag of Rumelia Rumelia

Turkey islamic Turkey (Iconian claim)

Flag of Russia Iconia
Flag of Russia UIF
Flag of Rumelia Veli Ahmed
Flag of Rumelia Buğra Günaydın
Flag of Russia Sgandarg Varsav
Flag of Russia Sargang Ardaly
Flag of Russia Muhammed Leon

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Aidon Raid (Aydın Baskını in Turkish, Aidon Ara in Iconian) is the first conflict that is contained in Anatolian Unification Wars. After this raid, a group of wars called Anatolian Unification Wars have happened.