Empire of Albedonia
Flag of Albania.svg
Flag of Macedonia.svg
2032 - 2089
Flag of Albedonia.svg AlbedoniaCoat.png
Flag Coat of arms
"We will rise"
My homeland Albedonia
Capital Tirana
Languages Albanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Greek,
Religion None
Government Absolute monarchy
 -  President Edimir Ivanirm
Currency Albenar

The Albedonia Empire, also known as Albedonia, was a country from Finn Mapper's Future of Europe series with a population of 47,186,361 people located in the southern Balkans. It is a union between Albania and the Republic of Macedonia. Albedonia appeared in the 7th episode of the series.



Albedonia before Balkan war

Albedonia born when Balkan Union fell in 7th episode, after the War of Liberty. In 8th episode, Serbia tried invade Bosnia, but Albedonia helped Bosnia and defeated Serbia. After the war, Montenegro declared independence. In the 11th episode, Albedonia declared war against Greece and won. In same episode, Albedonia took the southwestern lands of Bulgaria. Albedonia and Moravian Empire fought against the Yugoslavian Union and Bulgaria in the Balkan War, and won. Albedonia controlled Bulgaria, Montenegro and parts of Bosnia. Moravia controlled Slovenia, Croatia and the rest of Bosnia. After the war, Albedonia became an empire.



Albedonia's location in present day

Albedonia is located in the southern Balkans and has control of islands that formerly belonged to Greece. It is bordered by Turkey to the east, the Moravian Empire to the north and northwest and Moldavia to the northeast. It has coasts on the Adriatic Sea to the west, the Ionian and Aegean Seas to the south and the Black Sea to the east.

Administrative divisions

Albedonia is divided into nine provinces.


Provinces of Albedonia

Name Capital city Population Official language
Flag of Albania Albania Tirana 3,479,650 Albanian
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Sofia 7,843,324 Bulgarian
Flag of Crete (Albedonia) Crete Heraklion 1,283,943 Greek
Flag of Greece (Albedonia) Greece Athens 8,653,193 Greek
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia Skopje 2,580,781 Macedonian
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Podgorica 1,082,192 Montenegrin
Flag of Romania Romania Bucharest 17,879,293 Romanian
Flag of Serbia (Albedonia) Serbia Niš 3,081,202 Serbian
Flag of Thrace (Albedonia) Thrace Thessaloníki 1,302,783 Greek


Foreign relations

Albedonia has only one ally, the Moravian Empire. Albedonia and Bosnia had an alliance, but Albedonia left Bosnia and signed alliance with Moravia. Bosnia joined to Yugoslavian Union because if it didn't, it could've been destroyed by Albedonia and Moravia.