What if Mervue Meringue never made maps or got discouraged from the beginning? This is not to be taken seriously and is just for the fun and is NOT supposed to be realistic. This is not supposed to be taken offensively.


In a attempt to mix history and talking countries together, Mervue Meringue makes his prototype episode, The History of Europe: Episode 1. Although he receives acknowledgment from Youtube for his humorous episode, too many people comment saying that it was made unrealistic, and Mervue Meringue takes it to heart. He takes down the episode and his channel and moves to Finland.


Emperor TigerStar creates his first episode. He becomes famous and people love him. One of his subscribers, TheJarJar99, likes him but doesn't take the "history" part too seriously. He starts a gaming channel of Happy Wheels and later Slender: The Eight Pages. 


Craft0Video is somehow able to find the old prototype episode of Mervue Meringue, but doesn't care about it, and he makes his channel of gaming and mapping (Emperor TigerStar style). However, mapping becomes popular in Germany since he doesn't learn English.


99Batran makes his channel 99Batran, His channel is inactive within the year but still comments on videos. But it is possible that he would make gameplays like Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 in late 2012 along with a couple reaction vids. 99batran would also get into Alternate History eventually in 2013 after Emperor TigerStar makes it.


Emperor Tigerstar's mapping becomes popular. Michigan opens his account and creates WW3 scenarios because he never saw JarJar's vids. 2012 apocalypse theory however slows down the mapping community.


Emperor Tigerstar mentions "alternate history" in one of his episodes, so he creates the second channel Emperor Tigerstaralt. 99batran would come along and create the TigerStar wiki, where Tigerstarians could put their info on their alternate history on there, despite there is already a Alternate History wiki Already. The first 100 Tigerstarian mappers are discovered the same year.

Goldenrebel25 never becomes a Tigerstarian mapper because he has close to no interest. He creates Rebelgames25 though, and does gaming videos, drifting around youtube.

HnH comes up with the idea of a nation centered on food while eating lunch one day.


Emperor Tigerstar is declared "Father of Mapping". Emperor Tigerstar starts to get inactive.The wikis slowly become inactive, and people turn away from mapping, and start turning towards Political Games, and the mapping era ends. Mervue Meringue is found dead near a Pub in Finland. Disturbedfan1100 moves to America and introuduces actual map game games after becoming the CEO of Paradox. He then makes a deal with Firaxis to join Firaxis and Paradox into a single company.

HnH dubs his food nation "The Order of Matrion"

Goldenrebel25 and EPP move back to Ireland to be with Peadar again. EPP never breaks his skull. Peadar joins youtube, but he creates a channel that is based off of amateur music videos.

MrOwnerandPwner is declared "By the Grace of God, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias" having not started mapping himself. He then gets hired into Firadox as the third CEO after Sid Meier and Disturbedfan1100.

Olimario makes his channel but instead of mapping makes Minecraft and other Gaming videos. He sees numerous Tigerstarian videos but is not interested. MappingPez instead Ts PolandballPez and starts innovation in Polandball instead of Mapping.ChemicalFun27 posts chemical experiments and minecraft but also Turkic Union expansion videos, then those videos evolve to countries talking and attacking each other,so ChemicalFun27 re-invents mapping.


SunnyKhan688 quits Youtube and never gets interesting with mapping due to the Great Revolution he was losing subscribers. And now he is on Deviantart.

Evergreen never gets interested in the community, so he never thinks about Monsoonjr again. However, he got interested in the Tigerstarian branch of mapping in 2014, and he decided to take it up himself. While playing one of Disturbedfan's games, he notices who he is, and he checks the wiki, only to find it desolate. Some footage of a similar style to our style of mapping is posted by Jabril, who continues to develop his style of mapping until his schoolmates no longer thought it was ugly. Jabril then gets (like) 5500 subs, and he is declared the first and only "mapper".

Due to the nonexistence of mapping except for Jabril, Kracia Mapper retires much earlier from trying to map, the Jabril Wiki of Mapping does not give useful information, he progresses with his gaming channel and geofiction sites, tough.