As we all know, Mervue Meringue was the father of mapping. But what if he were less discouraged by the comments and more innovated in mapping? Let's find out.


Mervue Meringue creates his first mapping video. YouTube acknowledges his video "The History of WWI and WWII". It was not the best quality like OTL, and he received many mean comments from people. However, Mervue Meringue ignores these comments and continues to do mapping. He creates his first episode of the series, "The History of Europe". Little by little, viewers ignore the videos quality and start liking. In fact, he gets so popular he signs up for the YouTube Partnership.


TheJarJar99 and 99Batran, both subscribers of the popular Mervue Meringue, start their mapping channels early then in OTL. The JarJar99 becomes almost as popular as Mervue Meringue and decides to take down his gaming channel. 99Batran does the same, using MLP references in his mapping series to catch the eye of bronies. 


TheJarJar99, 99Batran, and Mervue Meringue create the largest fan base ever, surpassing even Smosh and other big gaming channels. More mappers appear, including HappyDance9, Craft0Video, Disturbedfan1100, Goldenrebel25, MichiganMapper02, Mapmaker023, it's excellent, MrOwnerandPwner, ethanConquisator, and much more. (Sorry if I didn't mention your name). Princess Candy, as in OTL, becomes the first girl mapper and creates her own channel instead of using 99Batran's channel. And more girls join mapping. A new mapping series is made, called "The Alternate Future of Europe", and a wiki is soon made for mappers. HappynHungry, due to more innovation, begins his mapping channel in November.


Mervue Meringue receives over 18 million subscribers and money, and he creates the first Mappercon. With the help of large mappers, small mapping channels become popular. The quality of the mapping becomes great. Mapping becomes increasing popular in South America, Africa, and Asia. The first Israeli and Muslim mappers appear, and mappers of all religions form. The last inactive mappers on YouTube become active, with the usual mapper creating 2-3 episodes per day. YouTube gets more attention from people, and they gain a lot of money. They now pay mappers €5 or $10 for every episode. Mappers also start putting their videos in playlists to help viewers get caught up with episodes. HappynHungry becomes a stereotypical 19th century capitalist (quite the capitalist indeed).


99Batran creates the "New World", with the map being over 16 million pixels. Everybody is excited by videos everywhere. A documentary is created about Mervue Meringue, which people learn about how his legacy began. It receives many awards. More documentaries are made about the most popular mappers. YouTube pays €20 or $25 for every episode.  Alternate History is first used and map games are created.


Disturbedfan1100 and MrOwnerandpwner become the first mappers to visit Hollywood. More follow. Mervue Meringue and Goldenrebel25 become the first mappers in space. 99Batran become the first mapper to have a mapping series all about MLP. Mervue Meringue is close to becoming a billionaire. Mapmaker023 is the first mapper to donate money to poor countries. PewDiePie becomes a mapper. Olimario travels the world.


Mapping becomes the biggest fan base community, with the most popular mappers getting 1 billion dollars per 5 years. The possibilities of what happens in the future are endless... MrAmericanMapper is inspired by Mervue and makes MappingCrack. HappynHungry builds Matrion with his money.


TL starts his channel but can into underrated, so he decides to make history and kidnaps Mervue, almost stabbing him near a pub in Finland but Mervue calls 911 and the cops arrest TL.


TheFutureContinentsandOceanz becomes a mapper in May and starts making videos.