AHAC is the biggest known release by Arcy. 

AHAC has spanned 19 seasons with 365 episodes.

AHAC Deluxe has spanned 5 seasons with 45 episodes.

AHAC is a mix of Rameses II's pharaoh cane and Darius I's Army that would later be aired on January 1, 2013.

Arcy owns and directs this show up to this day!

Alternate History of North Atlantic


4000 BCE


Infinite Regular episodes

Infinite Deluxe Episodes


Infinite Regular Seasons (20 episodes each)

Infinite Deluxe Seasons (10 Episodes each)

Series count

Infinite Regular series

Infinite Deluxe series




Mao Zedong's History of East Asia


Maria Theresa's History of Europe: Alternate History

Characters (not done)

Major - William I, Darius I, Otto von Bismarck (owner), Bernard Montgomery, Hernán Cortés, Erwin Rommel, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Napoleon I, Leopold II, Joan of Arc, Frederick the Great, George Patton, Maria Theresa, Christopher Columbus, Isabella I, Catherine II, Boudicca, Nero, Alexander the Great, William the Conqueror, Elizabeth I, Francis Drake, Douglas MacArthur, Benito Mussolini, Hammurabi, George Washington, Georgy Zhukov, Konstantin Rokossovsky, Heinz Guderian, Isoroku Yamamoto, George Marshall, Gerd von Rundstedt, Harold Alexander, Charles Cornwallis, Saladin, James Cook, Luis Vaz de Torres, Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Tony Abbott, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, Casimir III, Frederick I, Arthur Phillip, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Gustavus Adolphus, Elizabeth II, Charles de Gaulle, Heinrich Himmler, Sun Tzu, Sitting Bull, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Mongkut (Rama), Mark Antony, Draco, Xerxes, Pope Urban II, Arpad, Timur the Lame, Seljuk, Franz I, Boru Khan, Tony Abbott, Vladimir Putin, Samuel of Bulgaria, Nikola Tesla, Euripides, Richard Nixon, Romulus, Paul the Apostle, Georgi Pulevski, Dame Gruev, Jan Sandanski, Pitu Guli

Minor - Catholic Missonaries, Pope John Paul II, Paradox Developers, Pope Francis, Zheng He, Marco Polo, Bill Gates, Lodovico Manin, Arcy's Followers, Sultan Sultan of Sultan Sultanate, Cathar Heresies, Karen Dynasty, Remus, John Smith, Hirohito, Kiro Gligorov, Tito, Boris III

Span of Show

1 Year

Target episodes

Regular: Trying to finish it by the end of 2016.

Deluxe: Finishing the end of the history by the end of 2016

Far from over?

Arcy has added countless epidodes to the list. 365 have been confirmed.

Arcy is adding European and American officers to deluxe... Add any officers in his blog: AHNO Character Ideas.

Arcy now makes European and American generals, admirals, explorers and leaders instead of Chinese and his own 'pokemon' creatures as generals. Allowing him to be more Westernised and more focused through the North Atlantic based off Napoleon's Alternate Future of North Atlantic.

Alternate History Regular Episodes

It's time I made the episodes for real! It is I (Arcy) will show the real episode names! And I (Arcy) will show them over time!!!!

Current Episode: None currently because its made up.

Season 1

Episode 1 - First civilisations and usual things

Episode 2 - Its quite odd eh?

Episode 3 - Into the Battle!

Episode 4 - That was one raiding party

Episode 5 - The fury of tactics

Episode 6 - Where is my seal?

Episode 7 - Curiosity

Episode 8 - Its still normal, though...

Episode 9 - The badge is mine!

Episode 10 - It's a nice battle through Illyria.

Episode 11 - Trouble brews

Episode 12 - Plan Operation Tribe

Episode 13 - Neo-Power!

Episode 14 - Whoever heard the Greek attacks?

Episode 15 - George Patton's revenge!

Episode 16 - Brawl for Europe

Episode 17 - Asia gets involved???

Episode 18 - Alliance woes

Episode 19 - Something's wrong...


Season 2

Episode 21 - Spanish invasion

Episode 22 - George Patton VS Hernan Cortes (Part 1)

Episode 23 - George Patton VS Hernan Cortes (Part 2)

Episode 24 - Don't be a pacifist, fight!

Episode 25 - The Seal falls into the wrong hands...

Episode 26 - Quickfire action

Episode 27 - Discoveries of America

Episode 28 - The Great Fixed Gun

Episode 29 - Great Artillery Nitrates!

Episode 30 - Hernan Cortes' Curse

Episode 31 - Leopold II?

Episode 32 - Leopold II VS Hernan Cortes

Episode 33 - Joan of Arc VS Hernan Cortes

Episode 34 - Boudicca & William the Conqueror VS Hernan Cortes (Part 1)

Episode 35 - Boudicca & William the Conqueror VS Hernan Cortes (Part 2)

Episode 36 - Nero plots a plan

Episode 37 - Francis Drake knows!

Episode 38 - Elizabeth I VS Francis Drake

Episode 39 - Elizabeth I & Francis Drake VS Hernan Cortes

Episode 40 - Hernan Cortes' Conquest of Europe and America

Season 3

Episode 41 - Life

Episode 42 - Francis Drake VS George Patton & Douglas MacArthur

Episode 43 - Elizabeth I's last call on London

Episode 44 - More Spaniards?

Episode 45 - Benito Mussolini VS George Patton & Douglas MacArthur

Episode 46 - Endless attacks from Cortes

Episode 47 - Go all out!

Episode 48 - Great times...Great days.

Episode 49 - From War to Union!

Episode 50 - Half-Centuries of Nothing

Episode 51 - Again, War is Coming?

Episode 52 - Historical destruction by Cortes

Episode 53 - Cunning isn't it?

Episode 54 - Hammurabi's Code

Episode 55 - How would we all survive?

Episode 56 - More Characters!

Episode 57 - Japanese arrives America

Episode 58 - Francis Drake accquires navy

Episode 59 - Francis Drake VS Douglas MacArthur

Episode 60 - We have iron, communism and order

Season 4

Episode 61 - Not the best idea...

Episode 62 - George Marshall, Heinz Guderian, Francis Drake & Nero VS Hernan Cortes (Part 1)

Episode 63 - George Marshall, Heinz Guderian, Francis Drake & Nero VS Hernan Cortes (Part 2)

Episode 64 - George Marshall, Heinz Guderian, Francis Drake & Nero VS Hernan Cortes (Part 3)

Episode 65 - Yet another quiet year...

Episode 66 - A tension

Episode 67 - Destroy the old foes

Episode 68 - Harming metals

Episode 69 - Who stole the Iron Cross?

Episode 70 - Hernan Cortes' Revenge

Episode 71 - Elizabeth I VS Napoleon I

Episode 72 - Do we have enough time?

Episode 73 - Survival

Episode 74 - The army sets to the east

Episode 75 - Saladin VS Hammurabi & Darius I

Episode 76 - Discovery of Australia

Episode 77 - Torres' turn of Australia

Episode 78 - Japanese controls Northern Australia!

Episode 79 - James Cook VS Isoroku Yamamoto

Episode 80 - No more Australia! Focus Europe

Season 5

Episode 81 - Rebellion, Independence, Civil War

Episode 82 - George Washington?

Episode 83 - Charles Cornwallis VS George Washington

Episode 84 - Whether the seal is mine

Episode 85 - When everything is still.

Episode 86 - The Great Fear of Gold Rush

Episode 87 - Elizabeth I, Napoleon I & Louis XIV VS Joan of Arc

Episode 88 - Almighty has retreated!

Episode 89 - Go away from the place.

Episode 90 - When do we survive this place?

Episode 91 - Another surprising plan from Francis Drake

Episode 92 - Francis Drake VS Hernan Cortes

Episode 93 - Get things out!

Episode 94 - Lights, Camera... FIRE GUNS!

Episode 95 - Great times for the president

Episode 96 - The mighty Cortes is attacking America, yet again!

Episode 97 - The letter to Montezuma

Episode 98 - Desert Fox meets up a khan

Episode 99 - Clash of Poland

Episode 100 - Struggle for the power on the base of Francis Drake

Season 6

Episode 101 - We're back...

Episode 102 - Hernan Cortes why would you go out with King John?

Episode 103 - The tale of The Doctor (Part One)

Episode 104 - A portal comes (Part Two)

Episode 105 - Hernan Cortes and King John VS Basil II the Bulgar-Slayer

Episode 106 - Run, run for your lives

Episode 107 - Revolution

Episode 108 - Here comes the Tito Soldiers...

Episode 109 - Omega Republicans

Episode 110 - Livestock are discovered to be obese

Episode 111 - BANG BOOM CRASH

Episode 112 - Boudicca VS Rommel the Desert Fox

Deluxe Episodes

I (Arcy) will show everyone the true episode names and plot!

Current Episode: None currently

Season 1 - North Atlantic in 3D

Episode 1 - Vague Beginnings

When George Patton knows he has changed yet again, He wonders why The Narrator (Otto von Bismarck) Chose Hearts of Iron IV.

Now that the Deluxe show has begun...

Episode 2 - Darius I and his sons

When Darius I appears, from the Regular AHAC show, he feels...odd.

But nevertheless he continues doing his own business.

Episode 3 - It takes one Spanish...

After Darius I and his sons went into Deluxe, The portal oddly remained open...What came out was the "Undefeatable" Hernan Cortes! He was more powerful than ever! Could they take him down now?

But where is Erwin Rommel? Is he gone or something? No one knows...

Episode 4 - The keeper of Treasury: Hernan Cortes

After Europe gets overexcited over the "Undefeatable" Hernan Cortes, Hernan Cortes shows his ultimate power! George Washington tries to take on this ultra powerful foe, and somehow wins. But only because Hernan Cortes retreated. George Washington still remains Almighty, but would he suffer further on?

Time knows no bounds, or does it?

Episode 5 - Erwin Rommel came!

When the portal is still open, Rommel came and attempted to take the "Undefeatable" Hernan Cortes down but he failed, ending up Hernan Cortes more powerful. Georgy Zhukov founds that Hernan Cortes is far powerful and finds someone to help destroy Hernan Cortes.

Is it going to be a victory or not?

Episode 6 - The survival

Yet since George Patton gave his surrender by Hernan Cortes, Zhukov took his movements against the "Undefeatable" Hernan Cortes. While his army were tiredlessly bored, they retreat.

Will all get worser?

Episode 7 - Peace reigns... But is it?

William the Conqueror enters to the Deluxe realm, where he was weird, that the North Atlantic is 3D now. But the few generals took on a ceremony to the No Cortes. Meanwhile the "Undefeatable" Hernan Cortes has a plan to strike against General Washington.

What about Boudicca? No one knows that she'll be here and terrorise it again...

Episode 8 - Oi, William you what?

William the Conqueror likes to go out and attack France. But Hernan Crotes and Louis III killed many of his forces.

Unfortunately for Wilhelm II, he entered the world accidentally with Thomas Edison and Rutherford being advistors to him, strange though!