During GoldenRebel's 10th episode of AHOE, all the nukes made two separate dimensions. The second one recovered quickly. The stage was set for the first civilizations.

Episode I

The first civilization, Egypt, quickly expanded out of the Nile Delta. It invaded Libya and took all of Cyrene before Libya surrendered. More civilizations, such as Rutba, Turkii, Urfa, the Medes, Nejd, Carthage, Tchia, Sinai, Armenia, and Israel. Trezbon declared independence from Turkii, and Egypt then invaded Sinai, Israel, and Turkii. To counter this threat, Rutba conquered Jordan and formed the Ayyubids. Egypt than declared war on the Ayyubids, and Carthage and Trezbon joined the Ayyubids, while Urfa joined Egypt.

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