This is now an Inactive Map Game.

Let the games begin. also even though it already started you can still join.


First off, DON'T BREAK THE RULEZ!!!!!

Alternate future of Mapperdonia RULEZ

Also while you will be reping your official nation its leader will forever be YOU - yes, you.


[ ] - Break or on holiday. Skip this player. ( ) - It's this player's turn.

Turn order: Olimario849 -> Mramerican -> Phoenixmapper- (Multi) -> Tomemapping -> Pezminer -> Mapmaker023 -> Happydance9 -> Ethan -> Lisastr - Awesomapper - Ironhand - Zombie melon - Thebronypenguin

Legend: ()= Turn Holder []= Not playing/Kicked

Ethnic map

Ethnic map


These mappers have tried to break the RULEZ!

Lisastr (editing the map without permission)

Not currently playing


These mapper broke to many RULEZ!


All wars will go here.


Turn 1


Olimario, the leader of Qysid was displeased by the massive lack of an army so he ordered for Light infantry to be trained in the capital and 2 other regions along with a D class ship in the most western port. he also decided to open diplomatic relations with Tomemapping of Romantia, the response remains unclear.


MrAmericanMapper, leader of the Greek empire: Decides to train light infantry and expand east. He also decided to sign a pact with Romantia.

Phoenix Mapper

As king of the new Spanish empire Phoenix mapper wanted to ensure the new Spanish empire was a strong as possible and began a very slow process of taking over the Iberian peninsula, the main problem was the lack of an army.

Multi Mappers

As the king of Urfa, Multi decided to expand north and west and begins to make an army. He builds 8 light infantry. Population: 28,906 Population in Urfa: 13,674.


I name myself Contiran and train 10 heavy infanty and 25 light infantry. I expand northwards to Estonia area.


Romantia expand north of the peninsula. Also declares diplomatic relations with Qysid.


Belfrug starts improving relations with other nations and starts building up its infantry and navy. They expand into the uncolonized areas of Europe.


Bréton's ruler is King William I of Bréton. They begin to unite the Brittany peninsula. They begin to expand North and south.


A settlement is established in the central area of the unknown lands, 5 light infantry should be trained. The current leader is Klton I, sending some scouts through Denmark to suit for expanding north.


Yamnu forms at Turkey the whole turkey and starts attacking macedonia and balkans.



Awsomapper orders for Denfea to begin expandsion to the east coast and train 5 heavy infantry and 8 light infantry and wanted to open diplomatic releations with mramericanmapper

Turn 2


Olimario orders for expansion in the north west and the south east, 5 more light infantry and 2 light tanks begin to be trained while the others have to be ready. Olimario also asks for trade with Romantia in southern Sicily


Urfa expands west through Eastern Syria, building cool canal stuff that's changes the climate slowly, expected within 20 years. The king orders 3 light infantry built and 1 light tank.

  • Population: 67,649
  • Active Army Personnel: 0 (Everone started with no army)
  • Population in capital (Urfa): 24,734
  • Income this Year: 7,374,262 Sacros (one Sacro equals 4 US dollars)


MrAmericanMapper decides to begin building two d class ships which would be sent out into the Mediterranean. One ship is set to colonize Ankara and the other is set to colonize Egypt in North Africa. MrAmericanMapper trains 5 heavy infantry and accepts diplomatic relations with Denfea.


3 light infantry is trained.

Zombie Melon

2 A Class Navy ships are built. The government also begins expanding into the Southern Caucasus Black Sea coast. We also ask for diplomatic talks with Mramericanmapper and hope to negotiate a mutual defensive pact.

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