This is now an Inactive Map Game.

The Game

Anatolia is a new mapping game featuring Anatolia and a bit of the Middle East. The game is easy to play, choose an Official Nation (Existing one), and then train troops and attack.


Everyone will start with 50,000 population, Every few turns you will get to 10,000 more, when you think you have enough you can do whatever with the Population


The Power of your State will be estimated on how you build things like Archer Tower, Barracks, Cannons and catapults. The Defense is the Power basically.


if you have 90 million Population you may put 70 million into the army (Don't need to copy just an Example)!if you have 70.000.00 and the other guy has a army of 60 million the other guy can still win! for Example: Sinpan: 60,000 (Armour and Weapon is better then the other and trained) Chlero: 80 million(Slaves Only) Sinpan has 67% advantage of winning !!also for defense,one building is the same balance as 10,000 soldiers.


Everyone is Religious and the church rules Till the IS (Isadan sonra, meaning After Jesus in Turkish) in 1IS there are two options: Kings And Queens and Religion or only Religion. Also to show that you have moved on you make: Religion: Church (Or a Holy Place of your Religion) made up religions are included! Kings And Queens: a Palace Another thing - Make your own building and tell me what it is! that must last up 50 million IS Democracy and Republic: A meeting place

and others states like who's better (Example)

Yamnu: 5000 Power and Military Miracium: 4000 Military Sinpan: 2000 Military Chlero: 200 power and 4000 Military Urfa: 100 power and 3000 Military

So that's an Example.

Training, Armour, equipment and Chariots/Tanks (and the rest)

If Urfa has 30 million as an Army they need to be trained. If 400 are trained only, that's bad.

if Chlero has 20 million as an army and all trained and have armour and most have chariots, that's perfect meaning Chlero can finish Urfa easily!


you can only fight in land or sea(Sea is only around 400 BC (Before Christ)) As I said in Training, Armour, equipment and Chariots/Tanks (and the rest) that's how you will fight, the war can only have one person in one side until 600 BC.


  • Numan=Dianbourg(Athens/Blue)
  • Lisastr=Yamnu(Ereğli/Red)
  • WaffleMeteor3=Trebizond(Trabzon/Yellow)
  • TheGreenGuyMapper=Sora(Gulf of Turkey/green)
  • FerdinandDoesMapping=Sandkage&Minoa(Crete/Purple)
  • SakhsPro Mapper=Miracium(Istanbul/Brown)
  • ASDF Mapping=Pylion(Israel/blue&grey)
  • MultiMappers=Urfa(Urfa/Orange)

Turn Rotation

Current Person: Numan

  • 1st Numan
  • 2nd Yigit
  • 3rd WaffleMeteor3
  • 4th GreenGuyMapping
  • 5th FerdinandDoesMapping
  • 6th Sakhs
  • 7th ASDF Mapping
  • 8th MultiMappers


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Cost= $30 Million