This is now an Inactive Map Game.
Anatolia(Mapping Game) Start1

Anatolia 300BC

  • Founded
  • Dianbourg Adds 10.000.0(60.000.0 population to make it grow on population).
  • Yamnu makes 50000 forces and expands a bit.
  • Trebizond Expands with only 50,000,00 forces still remaining.
  • Sora adds 10,000 force to his power.
  • Sandkage&Minoa Grows Population by 10.000.0 making him 60.000.0 population.
Anatolia(Mapping Game) Start2
A new era4
Anatolia(Mapping Game) Start3
Anatolia(Mapping Game) Start4

Anatolia 250BC

  • Dianbourg Makes a Strong Navy and Becomes a Major Power Along with Yamnu.
  • Yamnu expands again and makes navy and army.
    • Miracium Declares Indepedence
  • Miracium trains 20.000.0 soldiers
  • Trebizond grows population by 10.000.0 becoming 60.000.0
  • Sora adds 30,000 force to his power
    • Sandkage&Minoa is now in Alliance with Miracium.
  • Sandkage&Minoa gets the Cyprus Island.

Anatolia 200BC

  • Dianbourg lands on Miracium and they have a Coalation againts Yamnu.

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