Anatolian Caliphate is the official nation of Turkishmapping.


Religion:Sunni Islam

Population:38.000.002 (2017)

1992-Perenst Government:Caliphate

1936-1991 Government:Monarchy



Population Increase:+4.000=Day (2017)

Language:Anatolian(Offical Language),Turkish,Arabic

GDP ($):490.020 Million Dollar

GDP (₺):1.363 Trillion Turkish Dollar (Turkish Lira)

GDA flag This nation is a member of the GDA


Country: Date:
Kingdom Of Inkami 09/09/2016
Polnocslavia 10/09/2016
Eastern Caliphate 31/12/2016
Western Republic 31/12/2016



Anatolian Caliphate in Other Countries Language

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Arabian:الأناضول الخلافة (al'anadul alkhilafa)

Azerbejani:Anadolu Xilafət

English:Anatolian Caliphate

German:Anatolisches Kalifat

Greek:Χαλιφάτο Ανατολίας (Halifáto Anatolías)

Turkish:Anadolu Halifeliği

Malay: Khalifah Anatolia

Anatolian Caliphate in Offical Nations Language

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Anatolian (Anatolian Caliphate of Turkishmapping) :Anadoli Hilağfedi

Anatolian (Autorité of Anatolia of Evuntia): Anadolu Kalifalığı

Anatolian Caliphate in Mappervision Song Contest

First Appereance:2016 September MSC XIV
Last Appreance:2017 Januray MSC XVIII

Anatolian Caliphate in Linguavision Song Contest

First Appereance:2016 September LSC I
Last Appreance:2016 October LSC II

Results in Mappervision Song Contest

Edition Artist Song Points Place
MSC XIV Sabaton Sabaton - Primo Victoria 53 29th|}
MSC XV [Evansecanse] [Everybody's fool] 23 36

Results in Linguavision Song Contest

Edition Artist Song Points Place
LSC I icedogg9 Ottoman Empire - Ceddin deden [Remix] 29 28th


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