Mapperdonia Unite by 99batran


Join Mapperdonia by Demod

This was a cold war that started on the night of October 6/7, 2014, and ended January 7, 2015. It was between the Future of Europe's wiki and Sunburn's wiki. It is also called The Anniversary War or The Inevitable war. It was a conflict declared by Jaylastname by accident on the 2 year anniversary day of the TFOE Wiki (October 7th 2014). It is still unknown the real reason for declaring war, but we all know this war was declared to prevent further division. Sunburn claims that the war didn't exist, therefore ignoring it.

This war was also considered Neccessary by the majority vote of the TFOE wiki.

It faced criticism from several mappers who claimed that the war would only divide the community further.

It ended when MOAP and Batran banned wars, thereby ending it by default.

War Theme: Click

North West Training Video: Click

Mapperdonia at War!

Mapperdonian Uniform

Sides (add yourself)

TFoE "North West" Wikia

  • SunnyKhan688
  • 99Batran
  • ♛ Emperor Jarjar ♛ (Support)
    • TKAFan
  • JayLastname
  • EthanConquistador (later neutral)
  • MikiPL004 (Support)
  • MrAmericanMapper (Support)
  • HappyDance9
  • TheGamingDutchmen
  • Multi Mappers
  • Monsoonjr99 (ASCII brigade)
  • UnitedMapper (Support)
  • RevanMapping
  • Scamps(Blocked)

Sunburn "SouthEast" Wikia

  • Sunburn9000
  • Supporters
  • Eren Paşa


  • EthanConquistador
  • Olimario
  • It's excellent
  • Teh_Googly (Roastedgoogle)
  • GrandChewbacca
  • MervueMeringue
  • HappynHungry
  • NumanBaranBuyukbay
  • João Carvalho
  • FireMage
  • Mapmaker023 (Joined War but Left Because of No Progress)
  • KemziMapping
  • this random multicolored stone which just so happen to have a label that says "mak"

Progression (early version)

Oct 7:

  • Sunburn's wiki ignores the war so it won't be consumed by anti-war protestors.

Oct 8:

  • Several TFOE wikians attacked Sunburn's wiki

Oct 27:

  • Sunburn or one of his supporters attacks the TFOE wiki by vandalizing's 99batrans page

Dec 5:

  • Sunburn attacks the wiki again, this time, vandalizing several pages and inserting propaganda.

Jan 7:

  • MOAP and Batran ban wars, thereby unofficially ending the Anniversary War. It is unknown if the otherside will acknowledge it.

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