Super-cold and virtually uninhabitable to us humans without modern technology, Antarctica boasts some of the most violent conditions on Earth in terms of winter weather. Almost no one lives here!



Not even a Country!


Less than 500 inhabitants (Excluding scientists)


Claimed by Presidents/Rulers of corresponding countries.



History of Antarctica 

Antartica stronk

Only within 100 years was the super-cold Antarctica discovered. And only later was it claimed by the countries of Australia, France, Chile, Argentina, The UK, Norway, and New Zealand.


Antarctica is nothing more but a barren wasteland. But some people exist there!

Future of Antarctica

Well, I'd suppose a future of Antarctica could hold the clue to our future as well.


Eventual Official Colonization of Antartica. Possibly sooner if a country discovers a rare mineral such as gold or a new mineral over there. And where there is colonization, there is decolonization. Unless there is Global Warming then Antartica would slowly melt away.


Global warming will eventually force many pepole, perhaps the whole of humanity, to move here. Who knows, maybe Antarctica is rich, maybe there's OIL here!


The ice sheets back in 18,000 years ago returned at the year 2200. But the Hymir explorers were under a cold crisis to the south pole, leaving sickness back, in 2213, the Brabantine Researchers colonised the Antarctic. But the Antaractic ice sheet melts away since 2250, creating a habitable state.

At the other universe, the world is remained the same until 0 AQA, the world is lush again, but all fallout particles were fading away. Antarctica is melted, if possible, and the Antarctic coastlines were changed.


New discoveries are being made in Antarctica while the whole icy continent keeps melting away, until mankind gets some sort of an technology to alter the atmosphere and the weather itself and with that technology, humans will transform Antarctica into either habitable place or it will be kept as an icy continent which would continue to keep our climate normal. Some wars might be fought over territories in Antarctica, most likely Argentina vs Great Britain, Chile and/or Norway but the wars are very unlikely.


Soon, according to the actual global warming, the Antartic peninsula will melt, and surely that land will be colonized by Argentina or Chile. The next part to fall will be the western part, which only needs a 4 ºC increase to melt totally. This land can be colonized by Australia. Then, the rest of Antartica will keep melting and melting until the Antartica becomes ice free in summer. Surely, the Antartica will be divided between the modern countries that occupy the ice land, or maybe the Antartica can form it's own country.


A prototype Hydrogen-Plutonium missile was tested by Scindonian scientists in 2137, during the Third World War. The bomb obliterated half of the continent, and subsequently covered the rest in toxic gases that could kill any living being in 10 minutes.

In 2214, Ingentine researchers concluded that with current technology, Antarctica could be made habitable by the next year. However, before they could attempt to do so, Miracium declared war on Ingentium, and shut down the program before it began once Ingentium was driven out of mainland Europe.

Following 10,000 year period of recovery after the Fourth World War, Antarctica had recovered to it's pre-testing state, with the exception of a dramatically altered coastline, and an active volcano at the edge of the continent.

A small note

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