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Britannia - "Progress through Science and Blood"

Holy Bulgar Empire- "All the World is Subject to Bulgarica"

Zapadrussia - "Expected to serve/Slava close clings"

Brabrantium - "Brabrantium is dominate!"

Tikolia - "Miatsyek mez kam merrnel(Join us or die!)!"

Sinpan - "Sinpan strong!"

Francoisa - "Gateway to Europe"

Oningland - "Gates (Gateways) to North-Central Europe and Western Nordics including British Isles

Tylastrona - "We are stronger than you!"

Galoria - "Expanding and expanding!"

Gitman - "Gateway to Balkans and Middle East"

Yamnu - "One country, one heart!"

Greek Alexandrian Empire - "Your lives revolve around my power"

Elzirn - "We will hear your opinion"

Marsinia - "An old country never fall against an new one."

Aklaristan - " One Nation,One Unity for all and God."

Qysid - "There is only one God."

Galorok - "Fuck your country it's ours now."

Triton - "We are too strong for Mottos"

Marcelsaja - "If there's a chance, we must take it"

Neldrada - "Neldrada shall stand forever"

Illuccia - "Cumsanguea Venito Gelorja"

Ondrantium - "United we're stronger"

HHK- "Nom"

Marmadania - ''Gloire à l'empire de Marmadanié (Glory to Marmadanian empire)''

Kalmar Empire - Må Kalmar Välde blomstra. (May the Kalmar Empire prosper.)

Zintonium - Zintonium, my home.

Taydommanio - "Jrb-o oladorha qu'na (Good ol' Trince)"

Pyzantion - (HHK ate ours partially) sometng  sud go ere

Great Irea- "Summer shall come, We're still Optimistic"

The Gherensi Caliphate- "There is One God and Prophet Mohammed is his Messenger."

Hoflan:"Don't try we'll defeat you anyway"

United Great Lakes: "Our beautiful, Beloved lakes"

Sentrakion: "Ha, lol"

Anatolia: "The thing that makes flag the flag is the blood on it. Soil is the homeland if there is dead for the sake of it."


Britannia - "Sieg Heil Britannia"

Zapadrussia - "Zapadrussian Eagle"

Holy Bulgar Empire- "God's Will is the Sword"

Brabrantium - "Brabrantine March"

Sinpan - "This is Sparta - 10h version"

Tikolia - "Astvats Orhni Tikolia"

Galoria - "Dominiatium"

Tylastrona - "Onward Kamerater"

Marsinia - "The March Of The Templars"

Yamnu - Turkish Anthem and "Benim Vatanım"

Dianbourg - "Ceddin dedem, neslin babam"

Aklaristan - "The Rise of a New Dawn"

Greek Alexandrian Empire - "Golden Dawn Anthem"

Qysid - "God is great"

Marcelsaja - "Stayin' alive"

Marmadania - "La gloire du pays, les droits de la gloire, la gloire Marmadanié! (Glory to country, glory to human rights, glory to Marmadania!)"

Illuccia - "Elatus ed Abarajatik" (no lyrics)

Kalmar Empire - "Kalmar Mars (Kalmar March)"

Zintonium - L' Internationale/Our Power

Pyzantion - this is the song that never ends 10hr version

Great Irea- I am happy in sun's Rise


Lyrics of Francoisa:

Qu'il soit garde, qu'il soit un bouclier,

Pour toujours, il bénisse et exerce

O gracieusement tous les actes de tes enfants,

Tu es le pays le plus cher, le mien!


Mais les fleurs de la liberté ne retournent pas

Du sang répandu des morts,

Et les larmes de l'esclavage brûlent,

Que voient les yeux des orphelins.

Bless Francoisa,

Oh, bénissez-le, nous vous prions!

Je t'appartiens,

Dans le coeur sont à vous.

Et c'est cette belle terre,

La terre de Fran Cois, ma maison,

Le territoire de Fran Cois, ma maison . Avec ta puissante main nous soutient,

Encore notre trame accidentée;

Dieu, notre espoir; protéger et chérir,

François Cois et Fran Cois!

Que tu habites dans cette terre

United Great Lakes - Land for Lakes

Link. Original Anthem: Anthem of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Lyrics by Finn Mapper

Anatolia - Guardians of Motherland

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