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Britannia - "Progress through Science and Blood"

Holy Bulgar Empire- "All the World is Subject to Bulgarica"

Zapadrussia - "Expected to serve/Slava close clings"

Brabrantium - "Brabrantium is dominate!"

Tikolia - "Miatsyek mez kam merrnel(Join us or die!)!"

Sinpan - "Sinpan strong!"

Tylastrona - "We are stronger than you!"

Galoria - "Expanding and expanding!"

Yamnu - "One country, one heart!"

Greek Alexandrian Empire - "Your lives revolve around my power"

Elzirn - "We will hear your opinion"

Marsinia - "An old country never fall against an new one."

Aklaristan - " One Nation,One Unity for all and God."

Qysid - "There is only one God."

Galorok - "Fuck your country it's ours now."

Triton - "We are too strong for Mottos"

Marcelsaja - "If there's a chance, we must take it"

Neldrada - "Neldrada shall stand forever"

Illuccia - "Cumsanguea Venito Gelorja"

Ondrantium - "United we're stronger"

HHK- "Nom"

Marmadania - ''Gloire à l'empire de Marmadanié (Glory to Marmadanian empire)''

Kalmar Empire - Må Kalmar Välde blomstra. (May the Kalmar Empire prosper.)

Zintonium - Zintonium, my home.

Taydommanio - "Jrb-o oladorha qu'na (Good ol' Trince)"

Pyzantion - (HHK ate ours partially) sometng  sud go ere

Great Irea- "Summer shall come, We're still Optimistic"

The Gherensi Caliphate- "There is One God and Prophet Mohammed is his Messenger."

Hoflan:"Don't try we'll defeat you anyway"

United Great Lakes: "Our beautiful, Beloved lakes"

Sentrakion: "Ha, lol"


Britannia - "Sieg Heil Britannia"

Zapadrussia - "Zapadrussian Eagle"

Holy Bulgar Empire- "God's Will is the Sword"

Brabrantium - "Brabrantine March"

Sinpan - "This is Sparta - 10h version"

Tikolia - "Astvats Orhni Tikolia"

Galoria - "Dominiatium"

Tylastrona - "Onward Kamerater"

Marsinia - "The March Of The Templars"

Yamnu - Turkish Anthem and "Benim Vatanım"

Dianbourg - "Ceddin dedem, neslin babam"

Aklaristan - "The Rise of a New Dawn"

Greek Alexandrian Empire - "Golden Dawn Anthem"

Qysid - "God is great"

Marcelsaja - "Stayin' alive"

Marmadania - "La gloire du pays, les droits de la gloire, la gloire Marmadanié! (Glory to country, glory to human rights, glory to Marmadania!)"

Illuccia - "Elatus ed Abarajatik" (no lyrics)

Kalmar Empire - "Kalmar Mars (Kalmar March)"

Zintonium - L' Internationale/Our Power

Pyzantion - this is the song that never ends 10hr version

Great Irea- I am happy in sun's Rise

United Great Lakes - Land for Lakes

Link. Original Anthem: Anthem of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Lyrics by Finn Mapper

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