Archark, officially Federate Kingdom of Archark is located in the Germanigallian region and is the leading member of it, it was appeared in TAFOE. Archark's long living monarch was killed during the unification of Hersphelli or the Holy Roman Empire but still, it's a city-state.



Germaniagallius created several states inside it, including the city state. Its coat of arms origin by an archaeologist named Sklvardrich Vaklt Taltt'vlk founded the first dinosaur around 994 AQA, it was the remains of the museum in the Holy Roman Empire (museums are opened earlier, because it's alternate history), so the coat of arms is put in.

It was fragmented and including Archark made their independence through cultural differences in Germaniagallius. Germaniagallius contains around 39 states including Hersphelli.



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