Well...Its been over 2 months and you all have been freaking waiting for this...I present the ultimate and most powerful empire possible...The Arcian Empire...A Galactic Ultra-Empire that formed over 2 billion years ago (current predictions state it) but never apparently visited the Milky Way galaxy.

It will invade in the year 3950 AD (Maybe...)

Arcian Empire


2,000,000,000 BC (Perhaps?)



Population (Galactic)


Invasion Time

3950 AD (Unclear)


2,000,000 years

Current Wars

Never Ending War (Against Dialgan Empire)

Capital Star


Capital Planet (City)

Arciania (Arciania)

Empire Type

Type IV


Zen (Very Calm)

The Legend...


ArceusFan2013 thinks the Arcian Empire is quiet with us humans for now.

Arcians appeared possibly 500 Billion years ago or even earlier.

Over billions of years of years the Arcians changed and eventually reaced their modern form as of 5.4 billion BC.

Having many rulers the Arcian Empire is the most stable Empire possible at its size with corruption rates at 1.5%

The current ruler: Ga Li Deng Arceus (In Arcian Age he is 567,167 years old perhaps)

Human Arcians

On Earth, a theory was made up about the Arcians (or in 99batran's Universe)

Mars, In 2869, It claimed independence from the Canadian-Quebecer Colony, it's revolution inspired dozens throughout the planet. The Planet's unusual resources had made the planet 5 steps ahead of Earth's as well as Venus. Arcian Empire is still a Human nation, but older generations had adapted to the Planet's unusual environment, So making them separate from Earth Humanity. There are currently 3 Humanity's in the universe. Venusian Humans, Earthling Humans, and the Martian Humans. They Represented the Marsian Humans. 

Though they thought they are powerful, after almost 4 decades, they were pushed out of their homeland by the Trothans. Now without a recognised territory, the Arcians set out for Earth.

Appearance of an Arcian

All data comes from Nintendo's information on this creature (Except for size).


Arcians are white on the top and dark gray on the underside. The face of an Arcian is also dark gray. Their eyes are green with a red dot in the middle. Their signature Ring of Power is yellow and the jewels are green.


Arcians are HUGE and are considered the biggest known creature in the Universe. Arcians are 300 feet high (Average highest) but some Arcians could stretch to 3000 feet high!


Arcians have very simple feet. Just one toe is all they have on their four feet.


Arcians have 2 tails rather than 1. One is on its head and the other is in the usual spot past its back legs. Both tails oddly move up and down in a wave motion...Similar to ocean waves.

Ring of Power

The Arcians have a distinct Ring of Power that circles its belly. It is a 2 tier ring. The first ring directly touches the belly of the Arcian while the second ring is further from the first. The Second ring also has 4 spokes where the jewels lie.

Belly Bulge

An Arcian has a slight bulge in its belly which makes it a sphere rather than a cylinder in shape. It is possible that the bulge was formed in the Arcians lifetime sometime after becoming a teenage Arcian.

Weakness of an Arcian

Arcians have virtually no weakness.

Ethan Chong knew that every creature has a weakness somehow.

ArceusFan2013 knows the weakness of Arcians: Their insides.

If something does survive the heat inside an Arcian (Yes the temperatures in an Arcian are indeed unbearable to Humans) and starts attacking the Arcian from the inside then the Arcian will feel pain. If the creature does enough harm then the Arcian will die and collapse from pain.

This however...Is only a possible weakness...


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