United Astonian States
Біріккен Жаңа ҚазақстанKK
Соединенные Новый КазахстанRU
یونایتد جدید قزاقستانFA
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Far Away
Location of Astonia (yellow)
Capital Astrakhan
Languages Kazakh, Persian, Russian, Arabic
Religion Sunni and Shiite Islam (East) and Orthodox (West)
Government Constitutional Federal Republic
Legislature Astonian Senate
Historical era Future
Currency Astonian tenge
Calling code +941
Internet TLD .as
UFNFlag This nation is a member of the GPO
FlagOfGEU This nation is a member of the GEU

Astonia, officially the United Astonian States, (Kazakh: Біріккен Жаңа Қазақстан, Russian:Соединенные Новый Казахстан, Farsi/Persian: یونایتد جدید قزاقستان) (They translate into United New Kazakhstan) is SwissEmpire's official nation and is the roughly the 24th biggest country in the world just before South Africa and after Mali. It is located in Central Asia on the coast of the Caspian up to the Aral Sea and north of Caucasia. However traveling to and from the country is quite hard since it only borders Russia, who it has hostile relations with and have destroyed many Astonian passenger planes and the only way out is through the Black Sea. However, poverty is not a problem because most people sustain a good lifestyle. With 66 million people in the country there are four cities (Astrakhan, Volgograd, Atyrau and Orenburg) with over 15 million people in the country.  


Astrakhan, the capital


While most countries outside of Astonia (France, UK, Russia, China and USA for example) think that Astonian means all people in the country, the Astonian government (and Germany, Brazil, India and Iran) states it means only ethnic Astonians. The name 'Astonia' comes from a car name 'Aston Martin' with a little twist.

Historical Names

Socialist Republic of Astonia

Eco Republic of Astonia

Kingdom of Astonia

Theocracy of Astonia

Astonian Khanate

Alternate names

United New Kazakhstan

Caspian Republic

United States of Astonia (USA lol)

History (from 2015)

The territory of Astonia was part of Kazakhstan and Russia for about 20 years until the Socialist State of Russia was formed and it remained part of it for 16 years. Then after a massive independence campaign it became independent in 2051. There was a small civil war in 2039 where many battles where fought and many Astonians imprisoned. There is roughly 1 million Astonians still in Russian or Iranian Asylums/Prisons. One of the biggest battles was the Battle of Saratov where about 250,000 Astonians and 5,000 Russians died. Every year, there is a day (June 23rd) to celebrate the brave Astonians who fought in the gruesome war. There is also another day (February 6th) where the families of those who lost there relatives in Russian and Iranian prisons and asylums hope for them to come back

When it gained independence, it was a Socialist Republic until 2053 when it became an Eco Republic. This was the beginning of the "Government Era". 2054 to 2055 was crazy as it changed into a Kingdom to a Theocracy to a Khanate. Finally, in August 2055 it established the United Astonian States.



Map of Astonia (Yellow)


The territory of Astonia is situated North of Caucasia up the the west of the Aral Sea, which serves as a major irrigation point. It is trying it's hardest to stop it drying up because it it does, then about 20 million people will be affected which is a third of the population


About 1/4 of the land is used for growing food and is arable while the rest is cities and desert. However there is a small forest in the north which is known for the wildlife and botany and attracts many tourists.


The country is divided into 14 main districts and one federal one (Capital) each with its own minister and Main City.

Astonia districts

Districts of Astonia

District Main City Culture Abbreviation
Aktobe Aktobe Kazakh AK
Aral Nukus Farsi AR
Atyrau Atyrau Kazakh AT
Chechenya Grozny Russian CH
Dagestan Makhachkala Russian DA
Eavolga Volgodonsk Russian EA
Lipetsk Elista Russian LI
Orenburg Orenburg Russian OR
Ossetia Vladikavkaz Russian OS
Rostov  Rostov-on-Don  Russian RO
Stavropol Stavropol Russian ST
Volgograd Volgograd Russian VO
West Kazakh Saratov Kazakh WK
West Uzbek Aktau Farsi WU



There are many ways to travel around Astonia. You can take the Elpoezed Railway which goes to every Main City of every district or you can take the Eljattıqtırwşı which goes to more cities in the districts. Once you're in one of the Main Cities of every district you can take the Astro to get around the city. However, lots of people own cars and use those. For the Elpoezed Railway, there will be a map at the station which will show how long it will get to the city you want to go and there will be a board next to it telling the prices.


To travel outside of the country is very hard because it only borders Russia and Black Sea. However you still need a passport to get out of the country. The easiest way to get outside of the country is to:

1. Catch the Elpoezed or Eljattıqtırwşı to Rostov-on-Don

2. Catch a bus from the station to Azov

3. Go to Astonian Ferries port and catch a ferry to either:

a) Varna 

b) Sevastopol

c) Trabzon

Astro front

Front of an Astro Card

Astro back

Back of an Astro Card

d) West Constantinople or East Istanbul

e) Odessa

4. If you want to go somewhere other than the Black Sea you will have to catch a plane from:

a) Odessa (from Odessa)

b) Bucharest (from Varna)

c) Sofia (from Varna)

d) West Constantinople (from West Constantinople or East Istanbul)

To get back you can catch an Astonian Ferry from these cities.


The Astro is what most citizens in the Main Cities of each district use to get around the city. If you want you can pay by cash but if you are over the age of 10 you can get an Astro card which you can put money on and when scanned at the train station will deduct some money. Astro cards can also be used as IDs if you lose your passport. 


Astonia regions

Culture in Astonia

There are three cultures in Astonia. 

They are:



and Farsi

In these regions, you will find most people speak a certain language and most signs will be in that language. The biggest culture is Kazakh, even though there are more districts that are Russian-cultured. Even though only two districts are Farsi-cultured about 20 million people live in these two districts due to the Aral Sea.


Even though there is no Astonian Language, there are Astonian days and months, which most of the country uses. The days are derived from seas around the world.


Caspdya (Monday)

Aradya (Tuesday)

Timdya (Wednesday)

Bafdya (Thursday)

Barindya (Friday)

Dyandamem (Saturday)

Dyaokhust (Sunday)

The first 6 months are derived from Kazakh. The next from Russian.

Qwanterr (January)

Akspann (February)

Nawwrez (March)

Sawar (April)

Musmihrn (May)

Mahsmihm (June)

Eiyull (July)

Aouvgaast (August)

Sentyarbre (September)

Ocktorbre (October)

Novyasabre (November)

Dekcabreea (December)