Awesomapper's real name is Corne Keetels, And he lives in city of 'S Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.

Life (Wrote this myself do not edit)

There happened a lot of sad things in my life that im not going to put down here, but there also happened some fun stuff, that's what I write down here.


I was born on 30th of may, 2001 in S'hertogenbosch.


-Will be added in later-


Awesomapper created multiple nation, Dezeracium is his ON, but he considers the other ones just as important. Here are all the nations and flags:

Dezeracium (ON)

Denfea National Flag

Dezeracium Does currently not exist in the main Series, so there's no map of it.





Midsurea Flag

-Will be added in later-






Ruadin Flag

-will be added in later-






Jerusalem flag

- will be added in later-






-Will be added in later-


  • Alternate future of Europe Season 1 (11 Episodes) (FINISHED)
  • Alternate Future Of Europe S2 (4 Episodes)
  • Alternate Wars (1 Episode)


These are the top 10 countries my videos get watched in:

  1. U.S.A.
  2. Lithuania
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Greece
  5. Russia
  6. Hungary
  7. The U.K.
  8. Italy
  9. Finland
  10. Germany

Current Avatar

The flag of Denfea made by diamondist

Nieuwe Dezrcacíum

Political Spectrum

I don't believe that you can put a dot in a spectrum so say where you stand, since the spectrum itself is different for everyone. I am Liberal, I believe everyone is a individual, and should be treated that way. everyone can decide what it wants, And that is should not be limited by the government. I Also believe that the poor and the rich should be treated different, that the poor should be helped more, and that the rich could give some more away.


  • Awesomapper does not have one ON, he has created quite some Nation, but they arent very important


-Everyone is someone, even the ones that don't think the same as you-

-Cheese is love, Cheese is life-

-Humans cannot be categorized, since everyone thinks a lot differenly-

-Without friends you will die sad and lonely, so make friends!-



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  • Great Videos (+10)
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  • +70 (Awesome, dude)


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  • Asked me for tips (+5)
  • Has good ideas (+5)
  • Best Friend On Wiki (+35)
  • +85 (Buds and best friend on wiki!)


  • Made my current avatar (+20)
  • Active mapper (+10)
  • +30 (Friendly)


  • Seems Nice (+10)
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  • Used Denfea in his series (+10)
  • Leader of the future of Mapperdonia map game (+5)
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  • Awesome Videos (+10)
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