My own parody of bad OCs (pictures be added later). It would be improved later and adding additional things.

Also most of these are complaints from other mappers

Exceptions may not be included

Not meant for discrimination, just for lecturing.

requirements for bad Official Nations

  • Making your Official Nation have the similar name as a Historical or Modern place: You are unoriginal and you need to get an imagination. Exceptions may be possible but not now. (Example: Sicily, Gremany (Not Germany))
  • Making your official nation OP all the time: You are too proud of your official nation and make it bully other countries just to show it's superiority is just a stupid one. Every country has a flaw, you can't make it take over the world in less than 10 seconds. Also it's size counts for this. Making it have a billion nukes also counts. (Example: Almost Every single Official Nation)
  • Basing your Official Nation off of a existing one or similar names: Like the first one, you need to get some creativity. Sometimes, Mashing random buttons helps, no srsly try it. Unless you want to be use it and not call it yours is fine. But having a country that is exactly similar to, say, Russia or Germany, but under a different name or flag, is not a nation to be taken seriously.
  • Having no respect for your Official Nation: Making the name similar to immaturity such as "pooplord" or "Holy Nipple" means that you have no sense of effort and proven you are immature and your official nation is meant to be the least respected. It doesn't matter if it is funny, how do you like your parents naming you "Dumbass"? Sometimes it is your name and you need to stick with it. Possible Exceptions? Probably not.
  • No territory: If your Official Nation doesn't have a place to stay or originating from, it is not called an Official Nation.
  • Having More than One or two Official Nations: You misinterpreted the meaning of Official Nation and make all your FICTIONAL nations into your Official nations, confusing everyone around you to what country they should use. It doesn't matter if they are both good, We don't care if it is not directly related to this, combine them, or get out. I mean cmon! MAKE ROOM PEOPLE! We don't need a useless dispute of 6 official nations made by the same guy taking over the world. There are some exceptions (example: Mappers in the past.)
  • Making the ON for the sole reason of hating or rivaling another. Creating an official nation because you hate another, or because you want to dispute their territories, can result in a ON that has nothing else to note besides that. Expect them to defeat the target nation on every encounter in the creator's map animations. 
  • Naming your Official Nation CLEARLY after yourself and making it OP as seen above. Will always be powerful and be a futile effort to prove a mappers superiority. They will appear very often and will usually take over Europe. Example: Jabril(bad), Jabrizorkerstan (Good)