Balkania, as it's name, has mainly the Balkan region of Europe and is also one of the Roman Remnants in the series.

Brief History

Balkania (Previously named Balkans before the Illyricum Resoration Conflict) had fallen more than anyone can count. Serbia, Bulgaria, and Croatia watched over Balkania as an Ally and are back-up on restoring the Empire. Balkania had good relations with almost every country in Europe and they would likely to help Balkania if under threat. The Ottoman Empire in the East is growing more powerful by each month and threatening the 2 Empires (Balkans and Orients). So they both combined together and formed a nation called 'Byzantine Empire' which only lasted for well over 4 months until collapse.

During the Illyricum Restoration Conflict period, Illyricum (Made up of Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia) was trying to restore the Balkan Empire by trying to defeat the once legendary Ottomans. They eventually succeeded, but in order to restore the Balkan Empire, they need to unite all of the successor states with the same culture (Naples was Latin/Italian... not Greek). They eventually succeeded in restoring the Empire in 1068 AD.

A big mistake was made when Emperor (Fulco) Garnigios let General; Danko Vlemir Galvanus to invade Naples to unite the empire once more. The Papal States (The most powerful Successor state of Balkania) responded by launching a crusade against Balkania. They won by taking Constantinople and releasing more successor states, Including Serbia, Bulgaria, and Croatia. At least 18 Generals tried to defend from the First Crusade.

List of Generals of the Anti-First Crusade

  • Evtychios Lupeirei
  • Teodor Milenko Lupei
  • Dragutin Zlatov
  • Gaia Ogania (The First Woman leader)
  • Sven Ognianov
  • Plamen Dobrev
  • Hermes Ioannidis
  • Boniface Babcoke
  • Melanthios Sokol
  • Origen Demetriou
  • Arcadius Svetomir
  • Walerich Serban
  • Costel Barker
  • Smith Irvine
  • Radovan Kaimara
  • Ioannexs Xsire Sveltshire