United Kingdom of Baltorus
2 February 2017–Present

Baltorus Flag.png

"Trio Mapping, we stand by you"
Song of Trio Mapping
Capital Riga
Official languages Baltorusian
Recognised regional languages Prussian, Russian
Ethnic groups
  • 83.5% Baltorusian
  • 11% Prussian
  • 4.4% Russian
  • 2.1% Other
Demonym Baltorusian
  • 93.5% irreligious
  • 4% Protestant
  • 2.1% Catholic
  • 0.1% other
Government One-party constitutional monarchy
 - Tzar Leon III
 - Representative of the Tzar Gregori Jekemli
 - Baltorusian Royal Representative of Talin Andrei Gadeš
Legislature The People's Council
 -  2017 estimate 12,129,800 
GDP (PPP) 2016 estimate
 - Total $765 billion
 - Per capita WIP
HDI (2017) 0.982
Currency Baltorusian denari (BLD)
Time zone EETZ (UTC+2)
Date format yyyy/mm/dd
Drives on the left
Calling code +666
ISO 3166 code BLT
Internet TLD .kpb

United Kingdom of Baltorus (Baltorusite: Baltruska kralstva) or formerly The Talinian State of Baltorus (Baltorusite: Talinski valisti Baltrussija) (2014-2017) is a state entity used by EthanConquistador and Trio Mapping multiple times that usually resides in the Baltics.




Soviet Occupation

Pre-Coup (1992-2007)

During the pre-coup, the Republic of Baltorus was at it's brightest future since free of the communist regime, the country had became a member of the COmmonwealth of Independent States, unlike it's northern neighbour Talin which are heavily pro-European rather than Russian. It only had one president, Fiodor Vašijak who had three successful terms every election took place, in 1997, 2002 and finally 2007. However during that time, Brezowa had founded a terrorist organisation to overthrow the democratic republic and switch to a military dictatorship. (WIP)


In the 21st century, Baltorus had descended into a crisis and dispute with its rival, Talin. The unlikely friends would eventually become friends after Talin had abolished the Talinian State of Baltorus but two ideologies cannot contrast its relationship, rather by sphere of influence.

The coup d'état and control by Lenny Brezówa (Latinised as Lenny Bright), a Prussian terrorist recognised by the UN since 2014 have took control of the country before then had changed Baltorus forever. He would later be deposed by Talin and fall into a series of conflicts on the Baltics and even intimidating Finland and Russia.

Baltorus under Brightian Rule (2007-2014)

Flag of Baltorusian Kingdom

Baltorusian flag under Brezówa

The coup d'état happened in the post-communist republic of Baltorus, while recovering from an economical recession in the 2000s. Lenny Brezówa, a Prussian soldier have bribed men to support his organisation - One Union - to overthrow the government. At night, the whole military of Baltorus had besieged and dragged the parliament of Baltorus out of the building and killed them without mercy. Brezówa in a propaganda video had took over the country effectively, revising the flag.

The rule of Brezówa continued to rule over seven years until August 2014, the Talinian government had blamed Brezówa of human right atrocities and doing systematic genocide on Prussians, keeping anti-government prisoners and journalists captive, executing them without mercy and even developing a ballistic missile system and chemicals. This casus belli led to intervention of Talin to liberate Baltorus.

Talino-Baltorusian War (2014)

Due to Talin's casus belli being about liberating on tyranny, Talin and other nations such as Vordalkien and Miracium attack Baltorus in a joint operation codenamed Federer. The war however did not make success on both sides, the destabilisation of Baltorus led to two years of uncertainty starting from July 2014, militants and loyalists occupy much of Riga and eventually Brezówa had retook control in August and began a "great conquest of all Baltic people". It involves genocide of the Talinians and replace with pure Baltic people from Old Prussia, Lithuania and Letghellia.

Greater Baltorus (2014-2015)

The war eventually turn favour to Baltorus, the army of 500,000 conscripts and smuggling from other NATO and Russian countries giving them technological advantage and claiming the title of Successor of Talin which Brezówa affiliates. They also invaded Sweden and Finland for a short period of time before being repelled by NATO forces in early 2015. However, the unrest began growing, thousands are hating the rule of Brezówa and rebel, turning in favour of Talin and Zapadrussia. The city of Riga by the end of middle 2015 is still de jure and de facto part of Baltorus but Letghellia, Lithuania and Old Prussia is granted independence - partially democratic in condition.

Talinian State of Baltorus (2015-2017)

Da perestroika

Flag of the Talinian State of Baltorus

The puppet state has huge degree of autonomy, they can still hold atrocities and Talin by 2016 has become socialist and repressive thanks to the 2016 Federal Elections winning the far right a majority of the seats. Both had began making new relationships and discussed unification of Baltorus once again with the nation, believing NATO and the United Nations couldn't trust the rogue nation of Baltorus due to Brezówa (despite him being declared dead). Letghellia rejoined Baltorus in November 2016, Lithuania and Old Prussia in January 2017 due to pressure of having a reunited Baltics but it wasn't until February that Talin renounces protection of Baltorus and instead form a dual alliance to fend the Baltics off from "invaders" - despite racial tensions being raised between locals and Talinians.

United Kingdom of Baltorus (2017-present)

The United Kingdom of Baltorus at its current form is at its anxiety since appointment of a pure Baltorusian with claimants being descendant of the ancient gods that Baltorusians were worshipped when they were following Romuva (an alternative version). The pure Baltorusian held a coronation at Riga and crowns himself as the monarch of Baltorus - thousands meet and follow this as a new era. later in February, the unstable government hosted an election to whom shall be the head of the government itself. Although being a one party government, they instead used the tool of election to get the international attention of Baltorus being a democracy, well-respected and not an authoritarian government.

The traditions that are held and secret government officials had however were no match for the United Nations' investigation on Baltorusian right records - unlike Talin which has some improvement over the last four years since its socialist rule in the late 1990s, Baltorus was still failing to meet standards. Executions as of 5th March, 2017 were counted as 19 according to the Talinian government, including one official who allegedly slouched while the election had being passing by.

The relationships of Talin also began disintegrating in March - Gadeš argued it as the current Baltorusian party being aligned to become anti-Talinian since Talin withdrew its occupation on most of Baltorus and have the current government of Baltorus intending to demolish the position in the end of 2017. Many terror attacks were made inside the city of Riga, Kaunas and Königsberg claimed to have being committed by the main party's secret polices to sow dissidents and disapproval of the dual alliance by Talin, having the civilians being under "one mind" by the government it is very easy to have them under control. As of this date, Baltorus may again descend into civil war against pro-Talinians and the soon-to-be corrupt government - who wants to strip the title of the United Kingdom of Baltorus (by just calling it Baltorusian Empire) and abolish the alliance.


Currently it is a semi-constitutional monarchy but has no opposition due to the main party, the Baltorusian Imperial Party having much power, along with the Tzar, the head of state led by Leon III which has more power unlike other governments that have a head of state with no power such as the United Kingdom for example. The nation itself is often being named as the "Region of Turmoil", due to the corrupt ruling of Brezówa and a three year long insurgency between the ruler and Talin.

Foreign relations

Foreign relations with other countries are usually not as bright, especially with Talin recently. During the Brezowa regime, many foreign relationships held by Baltorus disintegrated over the last nine years. However trade deals with Talin at the start of 2015 have begun lighting up their relationships with them, also having an economical relationship while it was a puppet state. Recently in 2017, corrupt Baltorusian government has made a decision to eliminate Talinian influence from Baltorus, also cutting off trade deals slowly after finding ways of laundering money.

Abroad of Talin, Baltorus still has trading relationships, even with international trading, Baltorus is still likely sanctioned apart from Talin which Baltorus has a free trading agreement in aid of rebuilding damages committed by Brezowa's regime. However local civilians are becoming more fond of the outside world but are repeatedly suppressed.

Execution rounds

Baltorus is a nation with one of the most executed in Europe. While it used to execute pro-democratic people in the past, they were not all of them. Most Baltorusian executions take place publicly for those dissident and government officials as well. During the Brezowa regime, he prioritised execution of all those who tried to execute him, raising a number of 6,000 executed from the total of 7,000 since 1992 but in 2014, when the war against Talin had started, the execution methods have gone far from hard labour, gold farming and public execution to being forced to fight alongside with them, otherwise if they try to escape under the eyes of the Baltorusian government, a small tablet that contains a miniaturised bomb can implode and could count as an execution.

In 2014, the total of executions have peaked at its time with 8,000 executions - mostly Talinian. By 2015 and 2016, this number has slightly decreased and those only accused of crime such as assault and drug trafficking (without government discretion). Since the independence of Baltorus from being a puppet state of Talin, the execution numbers have raised once again to currently 5,290 people. In overall, Baltorus executes an estimated amount of 34,000 people (placeholder). Although it is considered to be a small number to some, Baltorus uses any methods to kill people that don't follow the government and in 2017, Baltorus has expanded executions to other countries intensively before.

Number of executions by Baltorus from 1992-2017
Year # of executions Most # of executed nationalities Most # of Reasons
1992 1,920 1,444 (Baltorus Flag Baltorus) Against government
1993 785 Crime
1994 1,011 Against government
1995 982 Against government
1996 674 Crime
1997 462 Crime
1998 738 Crime
1999 645 Crime
2000 1,119 Against government
2001 1,453 Clearing up prison cells
2002 834 Against government
2003 326 321 Crime
2004 563 561 Clearing up prison cells
2005 129 129 Crime
2006 89 89 Crime
2007 56 56 Crime
2008 6,723 6,192 (Baltorus) Against Brezowa
2009 3,491 Against Brezowa
2010 4,583 Against Brezowa
2011 2,391 Against Brezowa
2012 6,290 Clearing up prison cells
2013 4,115 Against Brezowa
2014 10,293 7,271 (Talin) Captured POW
2015 5,192 4,192 (Talin) Captured POW
2016 734 698 (Baltorus) Crime
2017 6,201 723 (Novorossiya) Against Baltorus (in song contests)

Conflicts (Canon)

The conflict excludes the war with Talin and earlier and only recent wars are shown.

Nordemian Conflict (December 2016-January 2017)

Baltorus withdrew the conflict in January due to Talin withdrawing forces and renouncing sphere of influence. The Nordemian Conflict only lasted for two months for Baltorus but they contributed the help to have Talin pushing forward into the Swedish front.


Regions of Baltorus
Name Capital Map
Free City of Riga Riga
Letghellia Liepaja
Lithuania Vilnius
Prussia Königsberg



Science and Technology


In Baltorus, most of the Internet was blocked by the official government officials and instead runs an estimated 12,000 websites that are mainly operated in servers inside Baltorus. Despite for the usage of intranet, they rank #68 for digital usage as of 2017 thanks to the rise of fake news, prompting many Baltorusians to gain revenue from clickbaiting methods in most of Western, Russian and Chinese social media.

Baltorus also is current leading on being the worst offender of creating fake news since the year 2016 even ahead of Romania, with an average salary of a "fake journalist" being averaging $6,900 everyday from basic clickbaiting. The clickbaiting is mostly given to the government of Baltorus to keep the economy running and by 2017, it contributes 19.7% of its economy. There's a division of hackers set up by the government to defend the Great Firewall at any cost from preventing many civilians reaching mainstream media.

The government also threatened to use fake news made by their journalists onto other countries, such as its deteriorating neighbour Talin to sow dissidents.

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