Bargow is a nation by Goldenrebel25. To be honest, it isn't very popular, used by only 2 people, Goldenrebel25 and Multi Mappers.

Oh well. 


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So Bargow was founded in 522 when South Tyberny and Plcou united for protection. They had early computers then and they didn't know what to name the country, so they let their cat walk all over their keyboard and it came out like "Boiharhgiow." 





They thought that that was a good name, so it stuck.

A Tribute to Bargow

A Tribute to Bargow

World War 1

The first war that Bargow ever fought in was World War 1, against Valgond in 546. For most of the war, Bargow was occupied by Valgond, but was saved by the Sacred Mafrian Empire. Valgond surrendered in 552, ending World War 1. 

Between the wars

After the war, Bargow gave independence to Krynki, Rachinae, Tüja, Jokkmokk, Flasjon (without symbols), and Mellōsa because Bargow was too big. In the Early 600s Bargow formed an alliance with the Sacred Mafrian Empire , North Tyberny, and Caravor. However, the SME and North Tyberny lost to rebelions and were annexed by rebels in 618, and Caravor betrayed Bargow and took some land in 664.

World War 2

In 719 Bargow declared war against Caravor, Valgond, Permia, Grand-Saada, Indonia, and Kunavekistan (The reds). Bargow was actually doing very well, beating Caravor, until 721, when Caravor and its allies started nuking countries. Bargow was one of the last to be nuked and destroyed in Fall of 722. MORE TO BE ADDED

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