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99batran is ONE of the FIRST Known fanbased creators for MervueMeringue's The Future Of Europe (THOE) series. He is famous for bringing a load of ideas to the fanbased community (which people copied him for a time) and also the first closest known style to MervueMeringue. His series got popular/most views which some declared him the official fan continuation of the History of Europe series.

He is also an Artist, Animator, Actor, Founder, and Gamer.


(Being reworked)

The Future Of Europe career

99batran began innovative and motivated (watching the THoE series and playing Europa Universalis 3) and started doing tests of his work in early 2012, he was Successful for a time. He thought of asking MervueMeringue for being an official continuation to his series, but he declined. So 99batran went and create and independent Series on his own. Over time he met few people just like him. There is a lot of Terra Incogita to clear up to discover more artists. The first person he met was TheJarjar99, and then he met a few others like {Names will be here later}, etc.

During his period, he establishes himself as a "ruler". Even though the community could run themselves, he acts as a representative when MervueMeringue is not around to help. He watches over his fellow mappers while they kindly make their legends.


"If one wants to learn more about the world around them, they first require to shed their ethic and moral boundaries" - Brandon.

"Do not care for the country, care for it's people. As long as the people still have an idea for it. We will never surrender! Nor we will die!"

-Brandon. motivational speech during a roleplay.

"Humanity needs a common interest."

-Brandon, shortened version of his 12 page long speech about Bronies.

"What if there are 2 religions, and you ask yourself on which to believe? The answer is to believe in none."

-Brandon,s comment on religion.

"Isn't it better to have part of the truth than all of the lie?"


"Isn't it better to enjoy it than hating it?"


"He is a nice man up-close, but a bad one so far."

-Brandon, discussing about dictators.

"In most worlds, you are dead, so thank god you are alive"


"trying to start a fight with a large-Strong country would only make them bigger"


"As a leader, Revealing yourself too much would get your people to have less respect for you and start to challenge your authority, better to be authorative and mysterious than to be playful and interactive... I learned that the hard way..."


"You are always winning until you lose."

-Brandon, on Video Games.



(as of april 18th 2014) (0.8,1.0)

  • 99batran's Official Country is Brabrantium.
  • 99batran is a Brony.
  • He has created/creating 99batran's episodes so far.
  • 99batran is full Vietnamese.
  • He is the original creator of the history of Asia.
  • You will see my last name anyways in the edits.

Other notable sites featuring 99batran

(Links will be added later)

  • Roblox (since 2007)
  • Steam (since 2008)
  • Newgrounds (Since 2009)
  • Minecraft (Since 2009)
  • Deviantart (Since 2010)
  • Youtube (since 2011)
  • Forge of Empires (Since 2012)
  • Skype (Since 2013)
  • Nationstates (Since 2013?)


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