Yes, this is like Disturbed's and Ethan's, but about a battle in CoH instead.

2014-07-06 00002

A recently crashed plane during battle (apparently landed on someone)

(II Korps = 99batran, Westermermcaht I = Zephyrus)

after Operation: Neptune, 2 Regiments of US troops were sent to capture and secure Lyon, which has held by Westerwermcaht I and II Korps. The outskirts of the city fell easily for the Italian V division was annihilated. The Westerkorps quickly moved to secure the 4 bridges. The first 3 were secured easily, with no resistance, but in the east the American troops tried to secure the northern bank for themselves. The II Korps sent forces to stop them, but those forces were too inproffesional. The I sent some support weapons which were quickly routed by a flank attack. The II Korps forward base fell quickly after. Realising the infantry squads in the area were serious threats, the I sent some professional Grenadiers to finish the Americans off.

The Bridge Conflict

The East bridge was fortified mainly by the II while the other 3 by the 1. Upon receiving assault guns and Several Tanks from the North, the II attempted to cross the river but were met by AT guns. In the mid-west bridge in the meantime, the US troops attempted to cross with armor and infantry alike, desperate after failed attacks with infantry squads. Desperate to hold them back, since they had no AT capacity, the I Korps destroyed the bridge after unintentionally taking the suggestion from II, taking down some armor with it. Inspired by this, the II destroyed their own bridge at the East. Since the west bridge was too small to cross armor from, the whole front was thrown at the mid-east bridge, which was held tight by the I with artillery barrages, AT guns and machine gun nests.

Panzer counteroffensive

The center withstood numerous assaults before the I and II started an offence through the center-east bridge, using StuH assault guns and Panzer V "Panthers". They were held back, however, by AT guns who were setting traps in the noumerous city streets. this threat was beaten by incidieary attacks and stormtroopers (not star wars ones... or were they?) and the tanks were able to proceed, with help from the Tiger I and King Tiger brought by the II and I respectively. with incindiaery bombardment support, the Panzers were able to take out both enemy bases relatively easy.


The allies were held back in the south and had to send more troops to the Lyon front, since they were threatened of being pushed back into the beacheads and out of southern France. Two US division were entirely whipped out, and the fall of Lyon was delayed for 2 more months.

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