France campaing 1 Lyon 1 2 Alsace 3 Lyon 2

Map, 1 Lyon 1 2 Alsace 3 Lyon 2

The Battle of Alsace-Lyonnais was fought 2 weeks after
2014-07-07 00001

Battle results (Zeph dropped in the middle so AI spammed units)

thebattle of Lyon. It is divided in 2 main parts: the Alsace offensive and the siege of Lyon.

After the battle of Lyon the westermermacht I and II Korps made Lyon their HQ. 2 weeks later word came that that the Americans from the north were attacking Alsace, in hope of invading German soil. The I and II made haste to join the defenses of the Vaterland.


1st day

The battle started with the I moving from the west to attack the Americans near their forward base. The first offensive with Volskgrenadiers was a disaster and I troops had to retreat. However, I command sent support weapons to rout the the Americans. The machine gun squad was defeated but a heroic sniper named Peter Muller took noumerous enemy squads with him before he was killed by a grenade

Meanwhile the II were desperate for vehicles and thus attempted to raid the American supply lines in the east. They were met by a large infantry division who routed them. the II attempted to breach in with tanks but they decided to move towards the US base instead. The I later managed to rout the americans by capturing the abandoned MGs and using sniper and light vehicles. They started capturing enemy supply yards and storehouses, but were then met by urgent news.

2nd day

Word came that Lyon was once again under attack by troops from the south once again. The I took half their strength and most officers south to defend Lyon. The task of taking the enemy bases fell on the II, who managed to do so and destroyed the first and second base with Tanks, minutes after being destroyed, the remaining enemy forces surrendered.


The I arrived at Lyon, only to find half the city occupied. The understood they had no chance of crossing the river, so they focused on defense. blockading all 3 bridges and destroying the 4th one, they managed to hold off the American troops (although they barely held a breach at the middle-west bridge) and forced the americans to retreat.
2014-07-07 00004

bunkers and machine gun teams held the three bridges

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