Battle of Damanja
Part of Anatolian Unification Wars
Date 6 February 2018 - 27 March 2018
Location Damanja, Iconia
Status Tactical Rumelian-Turkish victory, decisive Iconian defeat.
Treaty of Palermo
  • Iconia is fully disbanded.
  • Turkey and the Roman Empire split Ankara Province.
  • Montaurus annexed Muğla province, Aidon province without its coast and some border settlements.
  • Rumelia, Greece and Western Thrace united, making them the Roman Empire of Constantinople.
Flag of Rumelia Rumelia

Turkey islamic Turkey

Flag of Russia Iconia
Flag of Russia UIF
Montaurus Montaurus
Flag of Turkey CNA
Flag of Rumelia Veli Ahmed
Flag of Rumelia Buğra Günaydın
Turkey islamic Musa Sarıahmedoğlu
Flag of Russia Sgandarg Varsav
Flag of Russia Sargang Ardaly
Flag of Russia Muhammed Leon 💀
Montaurus Kadir Güler
Flag of Turkey Matukan Gelr
💀: Executed.

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Battle of Damanja (Demaniye Muharebesi in Turkish, Marabay Damanja in Iconian), later called as the Great Operation of Alp Arslan (Büyük Alp Arslan Harekâtı in Turkish) between the attacker states is the second conflict that is contained in Anatolian Unification Wars. After the Aidon Raid, Rumelians opened a second front to easily capture Angora and the capital city, Konaja.

Rumelian-Montaurussian Conflict

Main articles: Operation Kürşat and Operation Hulagu
After the occupation of Sparta (Isparta İşgali in Turkish, Katumiy Sparta in Iconian) or Operation Kürşat (Harekât-ı Kürşad as Rumelian authorities said, the common usage with the Old Turkish, Kürşad Harekatı in Modern Turkish and Leturjikna Korjad in Iconian), Montaurus gave an ultimatum to Rumelia as don't come to our border. After two days, the Sultan of Rumelia, Alexander replied Montaurussian authorities as: "Who are you? Do you have the power to declare war on us? We're trying to reunite Anatolia and you are being against us?". After this reply, the Montaurussian Ministry of Defence officially announced that they're joining the war against Rumelia, but they won't be allies with Iconia.

Fall of Konaja

In 13 March, Cappadocian nationalists and Rumelian army entered Konaja shortly after the Truce of Tarsus. The city was easily captured.