The city of Troyia was Dianbourg's gift to Yamnu. Soon After Trading, Trebzon Realized how he could Declare war. Sora, Sinpan and Miracium all agreed to crush Yamnu. Soon Urfa would join as a Defender (Yamnu And Dianbourg). The Powers Declared war resulting in the death of one billion. It was known as the First World War in Numans FOE where a new world comes up!

The Battle Preparation

The first Battle of Troyia began between Miracium and Yamnu, Yamnu got Catapults as much as he can and more Ships so they could be a Naval Power.

Yamnu: Land Power: 50/100 Naval Power: 90/100 Other: 30/100

Soon Miraciums Army was united with Sinpans in Anatolia to attack Yamnu, Yamnu gets sacked in the west and surrenders few land, after the war begins with Miracium more powerful then Yamnus.

The Battle

56,000 catapults fired at the same rate causing damage to Miraciums raging army, it was the time Sinpans army would attack Yamnus sea coast fail but make Yamnu lose 20 Naval Power. Trebzon attacks the north while the war was just in the beginning. Dianbourg attacked the whole navy of Miracium, giving a chance to Yamnu win. Miracium Sneaks Up on Eirli but loses, Troyia is sacked by Yamnu and Miracium gives up on fighting that city instead on Eirly which he finally fails.

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