Being moved into Holland to push back the Red Devils and to stop Operation: Market Garden, Westerwermacht I and II Korps moved into Wolfhenze to encounter the US Ranger divisions, supported by elements of the IV Infantry regiment.

The Siege of Niemjeng

Moving quickly, Westerwermacht attempted to quickly take out the closer foe. The HQ placed at Niemjeng, it was easy to be destroyed. Volskgrenadiers and Pioneers encountered fiercy resistance from Jeeps, but eventually they were taken out by SMGs and HMGs. The siege started with HMGs and Snipers quaranteeing the HQ, with Paks coming to support and take out the buildings shortly after.

Raid in the eastern supply depots

While the I moved to quarantee the western part of the US HQ, the II Korps maneauvered in the east to secure the resources both I and II needed. They managed to capture most of the sector, but a sudden arrival of the Rangers division forced the II (and the I) to retreat. The eastern supply depots were lost.


The Rangers managed to lift the siege of Nimejeng and push the Germans from the eastern supply depots. However, they were eventually held back by Snipers, Bombardments, HMGs and assault guns. Taking out the Rangers, it was easy for the Assault Gun reinforcements of the II to take out the western half of the base, with the Ranger remenants being killed by tanks and Snipers.

Taking over Nimejeng

It was easy for the rest of the troops to take out east Nimejeng, although encountering machine gun nests and minimal tank support.


Losing Nimejeng, the British tank battalions couldn't even reach Arhnem, thus cancelling Operation: Market Garden.

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