The first defeat of the German forces in western Europe against the Allies.

  • I Westermacht= Zephyrus
  • II Korps = 99batran
  • III Battalion = Zukas


The battle of Drekplaats is a swamp like terrain that could halt tanks and could trap units that is unfortunate enough to get caught. The battle resulted in about a total of over 100,000 deaths. 34% of them drowned in the mud.


The battle began with I and II Quickly gathering resources while III lags behind, focusing on gathering an army to launch an invasion across the south in which II will join in later. It was going fine as II was busy gathering units around the enemy bases and III besieging them with I focusing on defending territory. Suddenly, III Batallion retreated from the battlefield while its remaining forces were still fighting on. Soon after, the I Westermacht followed after losing interest in the territory. The II Korps got desperate and still fought on while receiving heavy casualties (mainly on motor vehicles). Enemy Bases got impossible to enter as attacking forces were literally shot down in the matter of seconds. Approximately 23 hours later, II Korps capitulated, with its remaining forces were gunned down within the next hour. Making the battle the first defeat with a total of one and a half days.

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