Battle of the Rakarmiy Tribe is an episode made by EthanConquistador.


Last time, the Haucaladir Army is moving south to explore and the Celts also, after exploring north of Karlark Island. And while the army has founded the capital of the Rakarmiy Tribe, we shall raze it to the ground.

First Episode: First Civilisations

Second Episode: Exploration of the Karlark Island

Previous Episode: The Southern Natives


3715 BCE: Let the battle begin!

The army moves to the east, meaning it's next to the Rakarmiy capital. The general, Servalia watches the empire is approaching to the level of destruction, because he likes to show his tribe to expend eastwards.

Code of Gardovar is installed. The law says to give the laws on science and freedom yet again, freedom is little and science focus is about high focus, if we can try to make sure to be advanced as possible. But why do we have to make this problem true? Well, there's some personality change for Gardovar and that's the problem for changing the laws yet once again.

3700 BCE: Battle of Rakarmiy

The first division has attacked the barbaric Rakarmiy. I guess they exist as barbaric men. Because we have a small conflict on this battle! We marched down to the camp of Rakarmiy tribes, they attacked us with blood, they are at the same strength as ours because they are hill adapted. Our weapons cannot take the force of them, which is why we shall be marching towards the tribe's territory and a core.

We have a small unit about 2,000 people. Our men died after and after. Reinforcements have came to help our support on the battle, our battle fought against the garrisoned 2,500 brutes. These brutes are destroying my unit. Only 1,400 left.

Our city has not changed yet, but we have our leader dying. Garpixvys have come to take his place of  leadership, we are been seeing some problem. Our population has risen slowly and we are a bit happy I think.

3685 BCE: Heal them!

Okay, our laws in Haucaladir has changed. Really, firstly, bad leaders can make some revolts or is it? No unrest until ideologies, yes that's how it works. But really, the law makes some farm limit, farming is harsh and the worker who does nothing but they must either support the leaders or be executed.

Our division must heal from the Rakarmiy men, it should give some help and gives them few advantages to it, nobody knows why it happened much, because the soldiers are healing themselves in order to take action against the barbaric Rakarmiy. These people need some work on civilised stuff.

3670 BCE: Attack

We have our soldiers been reinforced with our manpower been restored to the soldiers. We decided to attack the barbarians of Rakarmiy once again, our enemy has a smaller army after a battle in 3700 BCE. We destroyed the foes once again.

So the population in Haucaladir is about 4,970 and something. Our old leader had died, resulting Tuphor to get on the throne, he let the new general, Spiladnir to lead the army of Haucaladir, the Rakarmiy shall fall apart.

"I was wondering, that the people are getting bad in the Rakarmiy tribe, we shall make sure that we shall convert the Rakarmiy into ours. Once we are done, we shall push our new city in a call in our new division rise." - Spiladnir

The enaction on laws are starting to form, as the few people are cosidering to make our manpower large during wars, since the Celtic are rising at the north and we don't want us to be destroyed. The votes have begun. Our chiefs of Haucaladir had voted, with 2 against and 5 for. At last, Tuphor had came and suggested to make a large army to crush those Celtic armies around our island.

"Men from the north are getting stronger soon, we need to barricade them without noticing, soon we shall conquer the world." 

3655 BCE: Sieging Phase

Our soldiers have been adapted to the highlands, yes, highlands are hills and mountains. Our survivalness is increasing, we have attacked them but their men are too weak to fight on the battlefield instead we have to siege the capial of Rakarmiy Tribe. The siege is processing slowly as the men are tiredly fighting in the battle, they breached the walls slowly as possible.

To remove them, our tactics are new, the left flank of the army decides to attack the defenders while the right decides to be the reinforcements if the men in the left flank are getting killed later on. Their reinforcements are elites, they can destroy them easily.

Since our city goes stranger and stranger, our technology is slowly improving, we hope to make sure and form the best government as possible. Now the leaders have to be 12 or older in Haucaladir or otherwise the regency will appear. The leader, Tuphor is trying to make the law true as possible.

3640 BCE: Last Battle in Rakarmiy

Our battle now closes up the Rakarmiy people in the capital itself. The siege took place and successfully took over the Rakarmiy tribe and got us some gold to deal with those Rakarmiy people, they have fled to death, leaving here with no reason. In Rakarmiy, the population grew steadily.
Italy the boot



  • Servaila: Leader and general of Rakarmiy tribe and was killed in 3640 BCE.


  • Spiladnir: The Rakarmiy conqueror, he destroyed them since 3640 BCE and a general of the first Haucaladir division.
  • Tuphor: Some heir after the old leader died.
  • Garpixys: A predecessor of Tuphor, his heir was Tuphor, see above.

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