Animateduss This nation is a member of the Socialist Union
"Democratic-Republic of Belfrug"
Demokratische-Republik von Klingelfroschüg
1200px-Flag of the German Empire.svg.png
August 7th, 1870–Present
Belfrug redone.png BelfrugCoA.png
Flag Coat of arms
"Working Together to Help"
"Together, We Can"


Official Location of Belfrug
Capital Bula

(Largest City) 51.5078845° N, 7.4702625° E

Capital-in-exile Frankfurt
Languages Anglo-German, Dutch, Flemish
Religion Lutheran-Protestant
Government Democratic-Republic
 -  1870-1882 Gordon Scluffer
 - 1882-1888 Jober Doe
 - 1888-1896 Daniel Gunnarson
 - 1896-1902 Edwin Van Dytchensen
 - 1902-1914 Gordon Scluffer II
 - 1914-1920 Prus Von Dutchberg
 - 1920-1926 Frêne S. Salzbarg
 - 1926-1938 Murion N. Frank
 - 2010-Present Bucanan Tavin II
Representative Mond J. Lebershraun
Deputy Fruter Slver
Historical era Modern
 - Independence August 7th, 1870
 - Christianization August 7th, 1870
 - Socialism Adopted January 23rd, 1896
 - Socialism Abolished December 12th, 1902
 - Socialism Re-Adopted October 15th, 2015
 - Joined The European Union August 5th, 1992
 - Drives on the Right
 - Time Zone UTC/GMT (+1)
Currency Beker (Bk)
Calling code +618
Internet TLD .el (Democratic-Republic Belfrug)


CREATED BY Mapmaker023 (Mapmaker024)

Belfrug is a official nation of Mapmaker024 that is formed of Eastern Germany (Offically) or Benelux (In Mapmaker024 or other's series). It was created in 1870. It is made up of mostly of Germans and Englishmen. 

The Government has forms of a Republic and a Democracy, both greatly influenced by Socialism.


The Belfrug Society


On the cold night of October 19th, 1868, a small society forms inside of Frankfurt, in the North German Confederation. A group of men and women band together, most of their relatives from the nations of Netherlands, Belguim, Luxembourg, Prussia, and the United Kingdom to form a new nation. They have decided to call themselves, the Das Klingelfroschüg Verein, or in English, The Belfrug Society. Using values from their ancestors, their virtrues are based upon Friendship. Although they aren't much political, with most of them being commoners, they were trying to gain a seat in the Representatives in the North German Confederation. However, the N.G.C. refuses to recognize the group, as they believe it is a seperatist group. Other then a few occasions, the society isn't much heard of and it continues to be insignificant. Gordon Scluffer, a native from the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, hears about the Belfrug Society. Gordon then moves with his family to Frankfurt. Scluffer was seen as the perfect man to run for president, so the members voted him as the President of the Belfrug Society. Scluffer made many improvments to the society, and helped it become a group to reconcile with. However, Scluffer needed to find the right time for the Belfrug Society to declare independence. Unbeknowest to him, a war was about to start.

Franco-Prussian War


It was July 19th, 1870. Gordon Scluffer was woken by a messager. A war had broken out, and he was requested to join the Army to fight against France. Scluffer was worried for his life and the society if he died. After weeks had passed of the war, Gordon Scluffer decided to raise up a revolt for the Liberation of Belfrug. Belfrug had declared independence. After many battles fought with the Germans, the N.G.C. agreed to let Belfrug have independence if they helped in the war. Belfrug agreed, and the French were pummled and had surrendered. After the Treaty of Paris, Belfrug laid out it's borders and had already developed neccesities for a country.



Belfrug's stance on the current problems in the world (November-December 2015):

Paris Attacks

The Belfrug MIFF Team and the Belfrugian Ambassador to France were nearly killed after the close call bombing attacks and terrorist attacks. the Belfrugian Ambassador paid his condolences to France, saying it's terrible for the Belfrugians to see a close allies of them be attacked. The border between Belfrug and France has been heavily guarded due to the attacks, and Belfrugian detectives have worked with French detectives to find out what had happened. Belfrug promises France that they will support them in their time of need.

Global Climate Change

After attending the meeting in Lima, Peru, to discuss the Global Climate Change issue, cabinet member Martha Bennet, Head of Department of Nature and Enviornmental Studies, concluded that they would limit the amount of gas emissions produced by factories, and eventually find a way to use clean energy instead of Natural Gases and Oils. The switch will take some time, but with the help of the Official Nations, Martha Bennet says, the plan will work out.





National Anthem

To the tune of Eternal Hope , by Kevin MacLeod:

We are faithful friends, growing up and

Living in a hardworking and independent family.

Belfrugians are fighting, Fighting for their rights!

That Thou dwellest in this land.

That God dwelleth in this land.

Dear Motherland,

You are heaven on earth,

Your beauty,

Your loveliness,

Ah, they are boundless.

When to Heaven we are departing Joy and Bliss Thou'lt be imparting,

For we feel and understand

That Thou dwellest in this land.

Our language is flame burning Amidst brothers,

Awakened From a deathly sleep,

No warning,

Like the heroes of some legend.


Changes Happen

Thou ancient,

Thou free,

Thou mountainous North, 

Thou quiet,

Thou joyful [and] fair!




These nations officially have an alliance with Belfrug

Bevaria (Miguelhdzb22)

Marway (TheGreenGuy)

Aklaristan (SunnyKhan688)

Mexiamerica (Miguelhdzb22)

Sentrakion (Ceplio)

Theoland (BR Map)

Pylion (Asdf Mapping)

Germaska (Thunder Mapping)


Belfrugian Embassy in Aklar, Aklaristan


Aklarish Embassy in Bula, Belfrug

Belfrugian Embassy in Oslo, Marway

Marway Embassy in Frankfurt, Belfrug

Relations with Real Countries

In Belfrug's point of view, no one should be disliked or hated, at the least nuetral.


Belfrug participates in many groups with other Official Nations.


Belfrugian Musical Society, representatives of Belfrug in Mappervision

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