• MauritianLion

    I have talked to a few of the remaining Classical mappers on why mapping is dying, a few said its just not fun anymore,

    the others said that because the old mappers are gone  its just not the same, but what i say we get old mappers back

    Three of the early influential mappers havent really been heard from in ages:




    Their Existence within the mapping world brought us nothing but happiness

    but as we all know recently the mapper Sunset mapping has quit youtube, and discord, his mapping videos were some of the last of its kind

    without countryballs and a good storyline

    no offense to Voidviper but voidviper if your reading this you kinda killed the mapping community by making the standards of mapping so high, and no …

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  • MauritianLion

    Romastan or Romilia

    have you got any proposals of your own

    im creating an alternate history of where after wwII due to the holocaust gypsies were offered a homeland and they chose the carpathian mountains as it could Protect itslf

    Romania and hungary unhappy to give up their land for gypsies

    they invaded the nation however the romani were able to fight back as romanis from all over europe came to fight for the nation, eventually Occupying all of transylvania and areas in the east of hungary

    Romania and hungary refused to recognise this new gypsy state, however in following years it got its first recognitions from The Uk, Soviet Union, Slovakia, france, and china in a Deal.

    they recognised them with these borders

    in 1952 they made a deal with hung…

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  • CJAviation
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  • Perrydoesmapping

    My upload Schedule

    February 12, 2019 by Perrydoesmapping

    Hello Fellow mappers,

     I am here to layout my upload schedule for Youtube and what not. I have everything settled down(At least for now) and now I am able to be more active.

    Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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  • Nusantaranboy

    i want to use this template but i dont know how to use it

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  • RazvyDaGuy

    rip maps for mappers

    February 8, 2019 by RazvyDaGuy

    since fandom decided to make the images all webp, every image is jpeg, which means mappers cannot use the png maps anymore, rip

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  • Shallow.exe

    Well VoidViper is amazing in my opinion =) also hi

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  • GibraltarMapper

    Hi! I have no idea what I am doing. Checnya told me to join this, as well as giving me his nation, Hyrule (wow great name) as he said he will probably never be active again. So, hello, I have no clue what I am doing, bye.


    no one cares

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  • Perrydoesmapping

    What's up with me?

    February 6, 2019 by Perrydoesmapping

    Hello fellow mappers,

    I am here to tell ya that I am making a return to mapping from my who knows how long of an uneventful haitus. I will be setting up an upload schedule once I get it sorted out. None the less what happened while I was gone was that I graduated High School, Got a new job(been in it for a Year and a Half to the day[As of the day this blog was posted]), creating a universe dedicated to my Nations and its histories. More on that later.

    I am revamping my AFofE series for the millionth time. Will plan on making videos on my nations that ties to my universe. Also will be trying to make music for y'all to use in your videos and mine as well. As well as Custom National Anthems for my nations and yours if you wanna commission me th…

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  • Monsoonjr99


    Patriots: 3

    Rams: 0

    Pls Rams, score something in the second half to deny Brady from Jordandom.

    Patriots: 13

    Rams: 3


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