• JordB

    Rebranding my old childish self

    December 11, 2017 by JordB

    I haven't made a blog post in a while, and it's kinda weird doing so. I joined this wikia site over three years ago, and have loved every day of it. Recently turning 17 is weird, meaning I was 14 when I created this account. It's weird how people change.

    I'm back now and I've been preparing new series for over two years. I've got over 100 episodes worth of content to upload. As time progresses, you'll see the new 17 year old me appear instead of the 15 year old who was creating it at the time. You may see immature content in my most new videos, as they were created two years ago or so. It's now that I've decided to return and use them.

    This series is the start of the new jordB, with it being my third series. I've never seemed to get past 3 e…

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  • SsastalPoi

    Anyone can vote until 14 December and after that if yes anyone can vote for which flag 


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  • NTrio Mapping

    How I see The World

    December 10, 2017 by NTrio Mapping

    More will Be added later

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  • XXSebbanXx

    yo guys! i just got an idea that might work out. i wanna make an 8-bit game where all characters are based on tfoe wiki members! btw it will be 2d and will have sequels coming after it! i just wanna know what software i should use. i think of gamemaker as it is free but i still dont understand it

    also you guys can ask to join but you need to have been on tfoe wiki for over 5 months and have over 500 edits

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  • Monsoonjr99

    Candidates for Moderator: none

    Petitioned Moderators:

    • FedexWI

    Official Poll for Term 6 Demotion of FedexWI

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  • GreaterVenezuela

    true storu boi

    December 6, 2017 by GreaterVenezuela
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  • NTrio Mapping


    December 6, 2017 by NTrio Mapping

    Current Old Baltorus

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  • Zulthyr


    December 6, 2017 by Zulthyr 

    A discord channel

    Join for more things 

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  • NTrio Mapping

    This is just a Draft, No this is not Anything Like the Old wiki wars at all.

    This Shall not be for people to have Bad rivalry only friendly rivalry

    1. Vandalism Will Not Be tolerated
    2. People Must Remember Not to be aggressive as the purpose as Pure Enterntainment for both parties
    3. Make sure Both parties Consent to it
    4. Make sure Both Parties Have An Equal Chance of winning or it would Contradict Rule 2.
    5. Dont Be To Demanding on a treaty Like ​​"We want 99% of your Land, you can just have your capital" or "I want your nation to join us"
    6. Must Have A Cassus Belli That is on the list of Valid CB's
    7. No Disrespecting Others That will Not Be Tollerated
    8. Third Parties May not Join the war unless both parties concent
    9. No nation can be Overpowered like (100'000'000'000'…
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  • TenaciousMapping

    Map Game Proposals

    December 4, 2017 by TenaciousMapping

    So many of you know that I'm planning to come op with a map game. Now I have made a list of possible map games, and here they are:

    - I would make a sequel of A Bad Past (Map Game), as Tudor said

    - Clash of the Titans (Map Game) would also need a reload.

    - Crisis and Genesis: Awaking Fascism (Map Game) can into revivings.

    So I decided you to vote on these options. You have time to vote till Saturday, and the map game will probably be out on Christmas Day.

    Thank you!

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