• Vladimir Lenin xd

    My edit stone

    April 26, 2018 by Vladimir Lenin xd

    Ok since i will be editing here alot by adding stuff and categories, my schedule is off chart and ill try to make it

    I will be active on weekdays and come on when i get up. I sometimes come on whenever i have school or have to do something in life.

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  • Wezhiana I

    My Country Language

    April 24, 2018 by Wezhiana I

    a /a/ prep. of
    a'a /aʔa/ n. father
    a'o /ˈaʔɔ/ n. film
    aa /aˈə/ adv. simply
    abaluxa /abaˈluxa/ num. five
    abe /ˈabe/ v. run
    ac /ac/ v. could
    ada /ada/ n. drawer
    ade /ade/ v. control
    adelala /adelaˈla/ adj. quiet
    adhe /ˈaðe/ v. practise
    adhu /aˈðu/ adv. yet
    adi /adʔ/ num. three
    adiseye /ədisɛˈje/ n. middle class
    ado /aˈdɔ/ n. horn
    adu /ˈadu/ v. read
    adu' /ˈaduʔ/ prep. like
    aduxortuz /aˈðuxɔrtuz/ n. band
    aenfenhe /əɛnˈfɛnhɛ/ v. expect
    aetea /atʔa/ v. come
    afa /ˈafə/ v. behave (act)
    afo /ˈafɔ/ n. hallway
    afod /əˈfɔd/ v. blink; n. blink
    afu' /ˈafuʔ/ v. request
    afâw /aˈfəw/ nm. proof
    aha /aa/ conj. where
    aha /aˈha/ v. head
    ahe /ahɛ/ n. team
    ahe /aˈħɛ/ adj. high
    ahe /ˈahɛ/ n. effect
    aheb /ˈahɛb/ n. climate
    ahexetos /aħɛˈɣetos/ nn. bridge
    ahodju /ˈahɔdju/ nf. motion
    ai /aiʔ/ v. mo…

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  • Fyorrian Mapping


    April 24, 2018 by Fyorrian Mapping

    Dear Community,

    My laptop has stopped charging and is getting fixed. I don't have a clue how long it will take. Maybe it'll come back this evening, maybe in a few months. Who knows. Also, until then, I won't be able to access Discord. If you want me to know about something, send it to me on the wiki. I'm using a different laptop right now, which I won't be able to use all the time. I will be a lot more inactive until my laptop returns. Sorry!


    Fyorrian Mapping

    (idk why I wrote this like a letter but i did so don't judge me mk)

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  • MauritianLion

    Currently There Are Only 5 Confirmed Nations, Workers Commonwealth (United Kingdom and France), Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics, United Worker States Of America, Catalan Socialist Union.

    what i need is more communist nations, So the Main Timeline is, America Never Joined ww2 as japan never bombed Pearl harbour, so this time japan attacked the soviet union Directly, This Would Lead To A Full On Land Invasion Of Japan by the soviet Union, Also D-Day Happened At A later date with a smaller force of British, Canadians, Australians, South africans and so on. The Treaty Of Kaliningrad was seen as A Very Unfair Treaty Giving 80% of Europe To The Soviet Union, The Only Democracies in europe left, The United Kingdom, France, Norway, Denmark, and…

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  • 0FlamingSpaghettiMonster0

    Applications for joining CON are now open!

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  • Parbounli

    I think that joining Bulgaria to KOP just makes no sense, so I am going to edit all pages about bulgaria and it's photos. I may make you who made maps, especially GONK staff, angry, but I determined that I don't need bulgaria anymore. I'm going to edit every page with "Parbounlinese Themes" category because I'm bored of adding new info to TFOE wiki.

    P.S. do not treat these edits as vandalism, I just changed my mind.

    rip bulgaria within kop

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  • CJAviation

    Happy 4/20!

    April 20, 2018 by CJAviation

    As well as happy birthday daddy Fuhrer Adolf!

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  • CJAviation

    What the hell happened to my custom comment colours? As well as everyone else's?

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  • MauritianLion

    My New Catchphrase

    April 17, 2018 by MauritianLion

    "ubera duco longa meae morem pellis hispidus coles quoadusque quod album limus iaciat et implet vestra cinaediorem os femina" my father taught me this and he told me that phrase was the way to any womans heart and means 

    Great Dukes Long for morality and prices of coal, the 4 dust covers of lime produce a fine rind to prove their sweetness for women according to him

    idk what it means either way i just thought it would be cool. he says it to my mother sometimes if he wants her to get something done

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  • MauritianLion

    If you want me to construct a language for your nation just message me

    Nidyek Language heres what your looking at

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