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Welcome to Bloody Eyes: Fate of the Evuntiverse.

The year is 2018. Division of Europe was affecting the continent for 36 years but it was now more dangerous than any year else. Even 1982, year of referendums or 1991, fall of the socialists weren't dangerous like that. Tens of nations were requesting or declaring independence from the countries. But there was a nation, who is getting affected by this wave but protects themselves and gets stronger: Germany. Since 1871, Germany was living as an authority in Europe. In World War I and II they got stronger and stronger. Now it is nearly World War III. What will Germany do?

There are some fictional nations and countries due to it's a multiverse.

Bloody Eyes


  • Your only need is Map Game Handbook.
  • Don't kill, coup etc. yourselves. You can try to do this but THIS CAN BE CONFIRMED AS ONLY AN EVENT!
  • Password is Minnesota Stronk.

List of Nations

The other nations (outside the map) will be NPC. The countries are listed by military power.

EXAMPLE: Country Name (Capital, Ideology| Majority Culture, Language)

  1. Flag of the German Empire German Empire (Berlin, Nationalist) | Germanic, German) - MAGICxPYthon
  2. Flag of Salamid Caliphate Salamid Caliphate (Valletta, Theocratic) | Arabic, Arabic-Turkish) -
  3. Flag of Russia Russian Republic (Moscow, Nationalist) | Slavic, Russian) -
  4. Flag of Israel Israel (Jerusalem, Nationalist) | Jewish, Hebrew) -
  5. Flag of Iran Islamic Republic of Iran (Tehran, Theocratic) | Iranian, Persian) -
  6. Flag of Jordan Hashemite Sultanate (Baghdad, Nationalist) | Arabic, Arabic) - AenMaps
  7. Flag of Egypt Arab Republic of Egypt (Cairo, Nationalist) | Arabic, Arabic) -
  8. 750px-Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Theocratic) | Arabic, Arabic) -
  9. Flag of Sweden Kingdom of Sweden (Stockholm, Liberalism) | Germanic, Swedish) -
  10. Flag of Scythia Scythian Khanate (Donetsk, Nationalist) | Iranian, Scythian-Russian) - HoodsWWMM
  11. Flag of Romania Kingdom of Romania (Bucharest, Nationalist) | Latin, Romanian) -
  12. Flag of Switzerland Swiss Confederation (Bern, Democracy) | Germanic, German-French-Italian-Romansh) -
  13. Flag of Kingdom of Hungary Kingdom of Hungary (Budapest, Nationalist) | Ugric, Hungarian) -
  14. Flag of Finland Republic of Finland (Helsinki, Democracy) | Finnic, Finnish) -
  15. Azerbaijani Flag Republic of Azerbaijan (Baku, Nationalist) | Turkic, Azerbaijani) -
  16. Flag of Kazakhstan Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana, Nationalist) | Turkic, Kazakh) -
  17. Turkey islamic Padishahate of Turkey (Samsun, Theocratic) | Turkic, Turkish) -
  18. Kareyanka Krallığı Republic of Karianka (St. Petersburg, Democracy) | Finnic, Karanese-Finnish) -
  19. Flag of Assyria Assyrian Republic (Mosul, Democracy) | Aramaic, Assyrian-Chaldean) -
  20. Flag of Sacr-Luna Republic of Sacr-Luna (Paris, Democracy) | Latin, French) - TenaciousMapping
  21. 800px-Flag of Kingdom of Syria (1920-03-08 to 1920-07-24).svg Republic of Syria (Damascus, Democracy) | Arabic, Arabic-Kurdish-Syriac) -
  22. State Flag of Greece (1863-1924 and 1935-1970) Kingdom of Greece (Athens, Nationalist) | Hellenic, Greek) -
  23. Doria FLag Republic of Doria (Venice, Liberalism) | Latin, Italian-Croatian) - Fyorrian Mapping
  24. Flag of Poland Kingdom of Poland (Warsaw, Centrism) | Slavic, Polish) - LukaGaming
  25. Flag of England Republic of England (London, Democracy) | Germanic, English) -
  26. Bulgar Flag Kingdom of Bulgaria (Sofia, Nationalist) | Slavic, Bulgarian) -
  27. Flag of Ukraine Ukraine (Kiev, Centrism) | Slavic, Ukrainian-Russian) - VladsNewAccount
  28. Flag of Italy Republic of Italy (Rome, Democracy) | Latin, Italian) -
  29. Flag of Albania Kingdom of Albania (Tirana, Nationalist) | Albanian, Albanian) -
  30. Flag of Georgia Kingdom of Georgia (Tbilisi, Nationalist) | Kartvelian, Georgian-Abkhazian) -
  31. Flag of Serbia Royal Republic of Serbia (Belgrade, Nationalist) | Slavic, Serbian) -
  32. Flag of the Caucasian Republic Caucasian Republic (Grozny, Federalist) | Nakh, Chechen-Ossetian-Russian) -
  33. Flag of Volga Republic Volga Republic (Volgograd, Democracy) | Slavic, Russian) -
  34. Flag of Kuban Kuban Republic (Krasnodar, Democracy) | Slavic, Russian) -
  35. Flag of Rumelia Sultanate of Rumelia (Istanbul, Nationalist) | Turkic, Turkish) -
  36. Flag of the Balt Federation Federal State of Baltic Nations (Riga, Democracy) | Baltic, Estonian-Latvian-Lithuanian) - Lisastr67
  37. Flag of Ireland Republic of Ireland (Dublin, Nationalist) | Celtic, Irish-English) -
  38. Flag of Austria (state) Kingdom of Austria (Vienna, Nationalist) | Germanic, German) -
  39. Flag of Rostov Republic of Rostov (Rostov-on-Don, Democracy) | Slavic, Russian) -
  40. Flag of Norway Kingdom of Norway (Oslo, Democracy) | Germanic, Norwegian) -
  41. Flag of Denmark Kingdom of Denmark (Copenhagen, Democracy) | Germanic, Danish-German) - TheSteampunkTotoro
  42. Flag of Croatia Republic of Croatia (Zagreb, Democracy) | Slavic, Croatian-Bosnian) -
  43. Flag of Tatarstan Republic of Tatarstan (Kazan, Centrism) | Turkic, Tatar-Russian) -
  44. Burdur Burduri Kingdom (Burdur, Nationalist) | Hellenic, Burduri-Turkish) -
  45. Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic (Prague, Democracy) | Slavic, Czech) -
  46. Weibergen Republic of Weibergen (Marseille, Centrism) | Germanic, German-French) -
  47. Soleterre Flga Republic of Soleterre (Toulouse, Liberalism) | Latin, French -
  48. Flag of Scotland Republic of Scotland (Edinburgh, Democracy) | Celtic, Scottish-English) - Minnesotan Mapping
  49. Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands (Amsterdam, Liberalism) | Germanic, Dutch) -
  50. Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Democracy) | Slavic, Bosnian-Croatian) -
  51. Flag of Sami Republic Sami Republic (Tromso, Nationalist) | Finnic, Sami) -
  52. Montaurus Republic of Montaurus (Antalya, Democracy) | Turkic, Turkish) -
  53. Flag of Spain Kingdom of Spain (Madrid, Nationalist) | Latin, Spanish) - ChuzzyBuddy
  54. Flag of Portugal Republic of Portugal (Lisbon, Democracy) | Latin, Portuguese) - Österreichisofstronk
  55. Flag of Slovakia Slovak Republic (Bratislava, Democracy) | Slavic, Czech-Slovak) -
  56. Flag of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995) Democratic State of Belarus (Minsk, Democracy) | Slavic, Belarusian-Russian-Polish) -
  57. Flag of the Turkic People's Republic of Crimea Turkic People's Republic of Crimea (Sevastopol, Nationalist) | Turkic, Crimean Tatar-Ukrainian) -
  58. Odessa Free City of Odessa (Odessa, Centrism) | Slavic, Russian) -
  59. Flag of Dalicia Republic of Dalicia (Şabran, Democracy) | Turkic, Dalician-Azerbaijani) -
  60. Levant United Turkish Republics of Levant (Adana, Centrism) | Turkic, Turkish+Arabic+Greek) -
  61. Flag of Belgium Belgian Republic (Brussels, Liberalism) | Germanic, Dutch+German) -
  62. Flag of Armenia Republic of Armenia (Erevan, Nationalist) | Armenian, Armenian) -
  63. Liglands Republic of the Liglands (Bilbao, Democracy) | Latin, Basque-Spanish-Portuguese-French) - TudorMapping
  64. Flag of Western Thracian Republic Western Thracian Republic (Thessaloniki, Democracy) | Turkic, Turkish-Greek) -
  65. Flag of Adygea Republic of Adygea (Maykop, Centrism) | Circassian, Adyghe-Russian) -
  66. Lazistan Flag Kingdom of Lazistan (Trabzon, Centrism) | Kartvelian, Lazi-Georgian-Turkish) -
  67. Flag of Wales Republic of Wales (Cardiff, Democracy) | Celtic, Welsh-English) -
  68. Flag of Sankt-Petro Democratic State of Sankt-Petro (Gatchina, Democracy) | Slavic, Russian-Karanese) -
  69. Eastern Anatolia United States of Eastern Anatolia (Erzurum, Centrism) | Turkic, Turkish) -
  70. Saharian Flag Saharai (Nouakchott, Liberalism) | African, Arabic-French) -
  71. Flag of Iceland Iceland (Reykjavik, Liberalism) | Germanic, Icelandic) -


  • Owner: Turkic Evuntia
  • Scenario: Turkic Evuntia
  • Event Maker: Turkic Evuntia
  • Map Maker: Turkic Evuntia (for now)
  • Head Mod: Fyorrian Mapping
  • Mod: TenaciousMapping


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