The Brabrantine Army (Brabrantium) consists of Highly trained troops.

Early Brabrantium Army

The Early Brabrantium Army consists of a handfull of Late Age Musketeers and Legionaires with the Early Blunderbus. Most of the Army have been recruited from Holland, Utretch, Brabant, Friesland, Zeeland. The rest are mercanaries hired from other tribes. This Type of Army is called Legionee Stonius , and only lasted from 2107- 2166

Bronze Army

The Bronze Age of the Brabrantium Army consists of Highly trained Imperial Musketeers and Lasers-men. These Men are recruited from only within Brabrantium itself, to have strong Patriotism. They are based on Quality instead of Quantity. This type of army is called Armee Brzonus , and only lasted from 2167- 2208.

Iron Army

The Iron age of the Brabrantium Army consists of Light Chivalry Riflemen and some are Loyal Mercanaries. These Men are Recruited from the Gaulish areas of Europe. They are loyal for who they are fighting for. This army type is called Ironish Clenzus , and only lasted from 2208- 2256

Early Middle Army

The Early Middle Ages of the Brabrantium Army consists of Heavy and Light Chivalry, some cars, and some Unmounted Soldiers. Not much is known about this type but there are a handfull of evidence here and there. This Army type is called Gaulish Dageus Middale , and only lasted from 2257- 2300