Administrative Republic of Brabrantium
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"Master of Military and the People"
Location of Brabrantium (adm. regions)
Capital Canterlott
Languages Pennsylvanian Dutch / German Creole
Religion Christianity
Government Technocratic Republic
 -  Current Aether Throttle
Legislature Brabrantine Senate
Historical era Future
Currency Bit dollar (B$)
Calling code +169
Internet TLD .br


Brabrantium (or the Administrative Republic of Brabrantium) was a state established in 2177.  As of 3800, it held the regions of Benelux and Northern France. It uses two systems of governing its states. Commonwealths and Administrative Regions


The Commonwealth of Brabrantium is a huge, devout nation, notable for its keen interest in outer space, and creating the birth of three new races of ponies or horses, The Earth Ponies, The Pegasi (Pegasus), and The Unicorns. Its hard-nosed, hard working population (as of 3500 AD) of over 800 million have some civil rights, but not too many, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, to a point, and take part in free open elections, although not too often.


Development of Brabrantium

The idea of Brabrantium started in late 2011. But it was under a different name and location. It was originally named "Zederite Kingdom of Rubies". 99batran and five of his friends decided to make a role play game set in Africa after learning about the history of Africa in Social Studies. Naturally, the nation undergone changes. His nation expands throughout all of North Africa, which was renamed "Zederuby Republic", while his rival "United Nations of Inio" settled in the south.

Eventually, his nation ,the Zederuby Republic, expanded through the Americas and Europe. And was renamed; "Republic of Daedragon". When Summer 2012 is near, 99batran and his friend Jerielrocket1 decided to make a script on animating their nations, similar to MervueMeringue. Over the summer 99batran experimented, creating only one slide and changing it for fun. After a while 99batran decided to "step up his game" and created tests on animations and submitted it on his youtube channel (The youtube channel was intended to comment on videos, but like all his accounts on websites, he decided to create) to see how his viewers enjoyed it.

  • skip* Later, his official nation in the yet to form community was "Byzantium" the first country in the beginning. When Brabrantium was created, it was intended to be named "Brabant". But 99batran said, "What the heck, it is the future, so names would be slightly altered". And so "Brabrantine" was created as one of the characters in the Holy Roman States. After a few territorial evolution, Brabrantium expanded from Brittany to Netherlands. But was forced to give up Brittany and south of Normandy to make room for Tybers. Most mappers made Brabrantium shorter and much wider, but this is the official look of Brabrantium

Currently, Brabrantium would might make some territory changes in the future.

Building an Empire (Fallout Era)

Deciding a name

Remnants of Belgium and Netherlands decided to create a small kingdom like territory. Later they first wanted to call it The Brabant Republic, but they doesn't feel right at first. They adopted Latin Culture while still keeping their Dutch culture as well. Elder Brandon the XIVth decided to put part of his name in the creation of Brabrantium. His contributions to it would affect it into looking like this: Brabrandon. But the citizens decided that it was not fair to name a country after its temporary ruler, so they grabbed '-ntine' from Byzantine and combined it together and in made Brabrantium (or Brabrantine(s) for the plural) because of their English culture. Basically, they Anglo-Latinized Brabant.

Regional conquering

Brabrantium started off at the City of Vilvoorde (real name). They decided to diplomatically annex the tribes of the best relations, like Jodoigene(yes these are real names too), Tevuren, Duisburg, and Asse. With their combined economies: they can trade much better material and train into better soldiers. Soon their power almost match the Byzantines. They conquered Numerous amount of tribes like: Briane-l'Alleud, Genappe, Wavre, etc., to form an decent enough size to be an official recognised state. They later grew and annex the other tribes until there are no more tribes but other nations surrounding them. Their first Natural Rival was Holretch (Combination of the states Holland and Utretch).

The Rebuild of the Holy Roman Empire

The Threat During the time of the Fourth ruler: Jyri the I, Aragon Empire was threatening to destroy the Holy Roman states during the war of the alliances in 2255. So every state formed together into the Holy roman empire and then defeated the threats. No nation recognised Brabrantium or any other that was part of the HRE, but they still have their independence. The War ends in 2278 with the Scandinavian Union as the longest time in the war.

(WIP, somewhere after Fallout Era)

Era of a Minor power

During this Era, Brabrantium never made a move. They were a Passive nation with the intention of ambition. They kept their information to themselves for over 1000 years before become a World power yet again. But during these times, they were only a Continental Power.

Brabrantine Revolutionl In the year of 3454, Brabrantine's Citizens was tired of the despotism in the government, they decided to have a Administrative Republic. They petitioned for the government to change its ways. The citizens were furious when the government declined. They rebelled in the government's Capital and destroyed it. After that, they installed a Revolutionary Republic and begin to spread throughout Europe similar to the French Revolution long ago.

Culture and Origins


Brabrantium's culture is descendant of Pennsylvania Nomads. With the Mix of Pennsylvania Dutch, Pennsylvania German and the Brabantians. Both sides somehow had met in Belgium and decided to rebuild the city of Vilvoorde.

Despite being a nation that focuses mainly on military, they care for its citizens more than they care for their country. As they believe the survival of its citizens as what is a country without its citizens? The homeless is transported to labor camps for $100 a month.


Army Description: Their military focus is on land superiority. With an army that could make Alexander the Great impressed, despite mostly being a passive nation. With great generals born from this nation, it could take over all of Europe if it wants too.

Fallout Era 

During the Fallout Era, Brabrantine Troops adopted the European Bullet-Proof Riot Police Armor after sending an expedition through Paris. Because they have bullet-proof riot rectangular shields, they adopted Roman Tactics and formations, like the testudo. This makes them the most capable force in history. 


Brabrantium Armor (without Helmet) during the Fallout Era. (Copyright Fallout)

(Unknown during the years of 2400-3400)

Modern Era

During the Modern Era, the Heavy unit wore juggernaut armor along with Riot shields, but not any riot shields, they have a mini gun built in. They are literally unstoppable unless dealing with powerful explosives. While the Average Unit wore the somewhat lighter version of the Juggernaut armor along with riot shields (rectangular) strapped to their arms with various weapons. The light ones used the most lightweight Juggernaut armor, along with smaller Bullet-proof shields with one handed weapons to be able to sprint across the battlefield.

It may be OP now but it is what armies could be like in the future, many countries would find a way to surpass this by inventing new weapons.

  • Formed: 150,000 Strong
  • Peak: 60,700,000 Strong
  • Now: 28,100,000 Strong


Description: Their Naval power is somewhat less than average strong. Their whole navy adds up to a C- and Naval Captains who prefer politics than the seas. Hit and run is the best option. Possibly, Lacking in Naval superiority could be this nation's downfall. But who cares about the sea, only the land is more important.... right?

  • Formed: 230 Strong
  • Peak: 1650 Strong
  • Now: 450 Strong

Air force Description: Mostly made up of Helicopters. Their Helicopters strike fear into the enemy as a bigger than average hulking mass of metal and blades roughly a mile long. It is capable of moving a tank backwards at it's fullest. But size isn't everything. As they have 1-pilot light Helicopters acting as skirmishers.

  • Formed: 40 Strong
  • Peak: 1,340 Strong
  • Now: 1,300 Strong


  • Brabrantium also has a nationstates page:
  • Brabrantines are usually Passive, Shy, but ambitious on the inside. They occasionally make sexual remarks. Majority of the Brabrantines are disciplined (by their parents) which made the army a popular choice as a job in Brabrantium. They preferred Black and Yellow to be their style. But it seems to change. They dislikes Communism so much that they prefer Fascism over them! Though they could easily taken advantage on by other nations, their neighbors grew nervous of their well disciplined and determined armies.
  • If Brabrantium was a person, he would have the same biography as the one above except occasionally have MPD.... Also would get carried away a bit.


  • Won 4th place in the Mappervision Song Contest