Brabrantium starts out as a small Vietnamese Community in 10,000 BCE. They were suddenly attacked by their neighbors and was destroyed. The remnants traveled across Asia and sailed into Italy over the course of 15 years. Meanwhile they have had increasing use of horseback riding during their journey.

When they have finally arrived in Italy, tired from their journey but nevertheless became great travelers, they were rewarded with the exciting scenery of Italy. They eventually settled with the Latin/Samnite Tribes.

Over the period of 8000 years they slowly migrated out of Italy into Modern day Ludwigsburg, Germany, where they were first mentioned as "Galacones" (Ga-la-co-niz). A local tribe saw the poor tavelers starting to settle on their land. And drove them out, killing almost 500 Galacones.

Tired and exhausted, they finally made their way to Belgium, where they were helped by a local tribe belonging to the Frisii family. They eventually settled there and absorbed the tribe that helped them. Making them having a population that is well over 2,000. Things are finally looking up for them. Finally in 1,500 BCE, after milleniums of being bullied by local tribes, will they be able to rise up, and beat them all so history will finally remember their hardships and journey through the sands of time?

Starting location: Walcheren Island, Netherlands (1500 BCE), Ludwigsburg, Germany (2000 BCE), Central Italy (5000 BCE)


  • Military: 1
  • Government: 0
  • Economics: 0
  • Infrastructure: 0
  • Population: 0

Other Stats

Non-Official Allies

  • Miracium
  • Zapadrussia
  • Work in progress

In-game Allies

  • Sacrania


none yet

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