Character Information


Human Brabrantium Concept

  • Name: The Technocratic Republic of Brabrantium
  • Human Name: Artemis "Brandon" F. Cogwood
  • Human Age: 31-33
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: July 9
  • Hair Color: Black-Grey pattern
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Height: 6'3


He has black combed back hair, he is slightly paler than his neighbors (due to nuclear winter), and he usually wears blackish clothes. His concept is unintentionally similar to "The Most Interesting man in the world" except younger. He looks like a middle-aged man in his Early 50s. Ironically, despite being one of the most masculine characters around, he generally is a brony, and gets along somewhat better with woman/girls than other men. His eyebrows are dark grey and a little sharp. His eyes are dark black, he also have a rough beard. Not to mention he have a cat like mouth, which mentions his indirect Belgic origins.

Personality and Interests

His personality resembles similar to Germany. He is usually shy and timid, but he usually was able to hide it. He is a tough, smart and efficient man who always abides by the rules and is "weak to" them. During times of war, he is sadistic and have a nature of survival (as he keeps track of each individual of his army) and usually uses tactics of guerrilla warfare, Flanking and other somewhat unfair moves that makes the other countries around him a little annoyed.

He also likes to act masculine, despite being the center for European Bronies. He is also a proud brony, meaning he is confident showing his "bronyism" to other countries he is not close friends with. He likes to play video games, he is obsessed with girls, and have a military-like nature. There is also the fact that he is loyal to his allies.

There was also rumors that he might have Multiple Personality Disorder. Thought it seems unlikely.



Brabrantium views Miracium as a best friend as they usually work together and have almost no differences in interests. Their personality is similar to each other as well. He usually hangs out with Miracium on the weekends, and fights alongside with him. One of their only difference is their patriotism to their own country.


Brabrantium views Talin as unfriendly, barbaric, and a communist. Most likely Talin is the pinnacle to Anti-bronies and acts hostile to other countries. The only similarities is the fact that both are somewhat paranoid. Despite being rivals, they both occasionally get along as their "friendship is forged from fire".


Brabrantium views Mamporia as a natural-rival. They often compete with each other for fun. Though Brabrantium have trouble seeing Mamporia often... he wonders what he is doing all this time. Mamporia is also an idle like nation


Brabrantium views Tybers as a relative, as they are. They look similar but is different. Brabrantium is the older brother of Tybers and usually occupy his territory all the time until Tybers claimed independence from another nation who was at war with Brabrantium.

Other Lives

This includes Brabrantium is a human/something in another world.

Roman Era

Born in 19 BC, Brabrantium was known as Brantius Avexilius Traius and was born in a plebian family. At age 19, he was assigned to the Roman Tenth legion of Equestris. Specialized in Horseback riding. His family was killed by stray barbarians off of modern french lands while scavenging for food. Lusting for revenge he joined the campaign for Germania in 5 AD as part of an Alae. In 9 AD, he and his fellow Romans were ambushed in Teutoburg Forest. He was killed Middle-Late in the battle. He never achieved his revenge when he witnessed the blood of his family....and himself.

Metro 2033 Universe

Born in 1999 with the name of Bronslavia Nickolay he participated in excavations to the surface. In his later years, he participated in one of the battles in the metro, he was injured and got infected. He died 4 months after the infection.


Not much known for him but he was a pegasus named Aether Mag, Also known as Mars Raze (or Haze), He was a Civil-Commander of the Lunar Militia, only raised during times of war. He currently lives in Baltimore.

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