Celt empire gaelic mapping's official nation - Copy

In 2016 Irish and Scottish rebels got North Ireland and some more land from England. In 2029 CSIS invades Wales after it becomes independent from the UK, seeing Wales as a wanna-be British Empire (Mainly because Wales invaded France in 2028). The UK renames itself as MOE (Monarchy of England) in 2032. In 2034 CSIS invades England and gives the land to Norway to occupy and administer. Soon after English People rebel in London. It becomes independent and names itself PSL (Protestant State of London). In 2049 PSL is invaded by the French Empire. CSIS and Algerian forces work together to end France. In 2058 France is split. 72% of France, Including Paris. The remaining 28% is given to Algeria. This does not last long as Algeria's economy collapses. The rest of France is occupied by CSIS in 2061. Algeria brakes into Algiers, Heteva (being administered by Germany), and East Morocco, or Spanish Africa, (being administered by Spain). In 2067 PSL Collapses and joins CSIS. CSIS in 2069 colonizes Labrador, Uruguay, Argentina, Madagascar, and South Africa.


Average Income: 70,000 USD (72,000 Skibereens)

Reserve Soldiers: 32,000,000

Population: 129,500,000

Military Ranking: 13,000 Tanks 20,000 Aircraft

Flag of Catholic State Ireland Scotland

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