This is how the rankings works and some you can be in the ranking.

Views divided by Subscribers

This means the views are been divided by mappers, it may have used the dividing for example if you have 100,000 views and you've got 25 subscribers you get at 4000 or something.

The lower the V/S the better, this will be based on the YouTube channel and has been calculated, having a high view and few subscribers will have a larger. and respectively, a "Lower rank" in that particular subject.

This is used to nerf those with too many views, for example: TheJarJar99 has 600 subscribers, most of them were earned because of his mapping, yet he has over 500,000 views, from his Total Drama videos. He has a high number due to no-one subscribing for the bulk of his view count, thus balancing the community.

This is only used for those with 100+ Subscribers, or 1000+ Views, otherwise, smaller channels get an unfair advantage over larger channels.


Simple, if you edit a page, add 1 to contributions, but editing your contribution number means you can add another, this is a bonus to editing your rank yourself.

If you edit the rank page on its own, you cannot add a point to your contribution number, that is cheating, so edit another page, and then add two to your number.


This is the only one without a method of calculation, and algorithm, if you will. Prestige is based on your reputation, for this you have to be friendly to others to get a higher score.

The more aggressive you are to others, the more your prestige will drop, so don't bother trying to gain it if you're a jerk. This can be increased helping others, making friends, stopping wiki wars, loyalty to the current admin, etc.

They will drop if you do these actions: Starting wiki wars, Bullying others, making your pages private, Shouting at others, and simply being a pain.

Prestige is loosely relative to your contribution points, too. If you're an active member of the community, your rate of prestige increase will be higher. If you're inactive for over a month, your prestige will stop increasing. If your inactivity lasts for over a year, you will be labeled an inactive mapper, your prestige will decrease until you either involve yourself once more, or your prestige rests on zero.

Final Rank

Your rank is based on your "Subranks", these ranks are based on how well you do in the aforementioned categories. This is to balance the rankings a bit, so if you exel in one category, but come last in the other two, you will be around low-middle on the list. And if you are first in all categories, you will be guaranteed first place.

Getting to the Top!

It may sound daunting when you're at the bottom, to start, registering a YouTube account means you're on the list. You start at n/a V/S, 0 C and 10 P. Don't worry about getting to the top, but the top three rankings are in bold, try to get a low V/S, and try to get lots of Prestige while actively Contributing to climb the ranks and become a powerful member of the community.

Many tried but to get less views delete videos and get many subscribers to raise to 100. So far, the people can't make it to the top. This is due to the views being based on the total view count in the "About" section on the channel page.

Example (not real):

  1. Mapper A, 212 V/S, 1923 C, 70 P
  2. Mapper B, 10 V/S, 92 C, 35 P
  3. Mapper C, 320 V/S, 9 C, 30 P