City-State Kingdom of Calopolis
~5th century AQA–Unknown
"Imperialism is the only choice."
Capital Calopolis
Languages Latin
Government Federal Monarchy
Historical era AQA Era
Currency Ducats

The City-State Kingdom of Calopolis or Calopolis is a nation was been a small nation that is part of the Roman-Qual culture, which is the former one. During the era of Gdansia, it fell apart after the Tchian barbarians razed through Corsica and occupied and took the Corsican lands.

During reign of the Perfarleni, it was a reign of the terrible trading, it was a bit tight and worsen for as long, the remain supplies ran dry enough, the trading city of Calopolis is a large trade node, as the merchants from Germania region except Prusland is trading through exotic things. But the rankings were far enough, the laws were set for lowen the focus on some or less, for these merchants, they had a large common sense in the area. The place is under a mood of confusion and terrible place, sometimes they punish prisoners for having more fine clothes and been lively annoying.


After Roman




The current trade nodes if they were like the Europa Universalis trade system. Since 772 AQA.






  • Caepalovar Pe'lth (450 AQA? - 489 AQA)
  • Welzarn Sequlia'k (489 AQA - July 510 AQA)
  • Ferkerlviuel Ilerqn'aer (August 510 AQA - December 519 AQA)
  • Ateraral I Trlzartus (December 519 AQA - April 5?? AQA) (final leader)

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