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Caravor is one of Goldenrebel25's nations.

Empire of Great Caravor
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587 F.E.–722 F.E.

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Provinces of Caravor in 700
Capital Torak
Government Absolute Monarchy
Historical era World War II (AH)


So Caravor started when Zimbor and Carasova merged to defeat Rachanie and Stejaru in 587. They succeeded the next year, and in 593 Caravor joined the Sacred Tybergow Alliance, only to watch The SME and Tyberny fall in 619 to revolutions.

In the year 653, Caravor, with the help of Lepti, Annexed the Serbatija colony from Drexmapper's dimension. This really helped Caravor's land issues and gave it access to the Mediterranean sea.

In 663, A horrible ruler came to power and annexed Stejaru, Rachanie and Lepti in just a couple of years. This broke Caravor's alliance with Bargow to the north, but Caravor eventually succeeded in less than a year, also destroying Ibach's army in Modern day Austria. This brought tensions between Caravor and Bargow.

In 719, World War 2 broke out, and of course, Bargow declared war against Caravor. Caravor actually did pretty well for a while, but Vordalkien and Sottana launched operation coastline, and mostly destroyed most of the country's land. But Caravor would not surrrender, until it was nuked to death by the Blues in 722 in the Great Death. By this time Caravor had divided into 18 areas, each owned by a duke, forming a very loose confederation of "Caravon". By 730, this confederation had mostly died out.

Fun Facts

  • Zimbor and Carasova are tiny towns in Southern Europe. The names were combined to form Caravor.
  • Caravor's theme song is "To Glory" by Two Steps from Hell". The song played during Caravor's creation.


  1. Egdavkanz Izongiva (587 - 601)
  2. Yulvana Izongiva (601 - 614)
  3. Unavek Izongiva (615 - 639)
  4. Tunakus Talunz (641 - 663)
  5. Uzato Talunz (663 - 679)
  6. Igof the Savior (679 - 692)
  7. Hunazot Bentazot (692 - 701)
  8. Burva the Brown (701 - 714)
  9. Hultava the Killer (714 - 721)
  10. The 18 Dukes of Carevon (721 - 729)
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