Republican Empire of Catupyre
Imperio Republicano de Catapir Empire Républicain de Catapyre
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2614–2947 Flag of Europe.png
National Flag of Catupyre.png Coat of arms
Flag Coat of arms
Catupyre Administrative divisions 2662.png
Location of Catupyre (main territory)
Capital Marseille
Languages French, Catalan, Spanish, Catupyrian (2800+)
Government Parliamentary Republic (2614-2901)
Republican Empire (2901-2947)
 -  President -
Legislature Catupyrian Senate
 - Founded 2614
 - Collapse 2947
Currency Catupyrian pyra
Calling code +56
Internet TLD .cp/.ctp

Catupyre (French: Catapyre, Spanish: Catapir) was a state in Europe, that existed from 2614 to 2947. Part of Demod's FoE Universe. And, i think, it will never appear again in future episodes.


Formation of Catupyre

After Greater France collapse, three nations was formed - North France (France), South France (Catupyre) and Rome. Catupyre was formed on south France and western Spain.

Catupyrian Republic


Catupyrian Empire


Administative divisions (2662)

This is original Catupyre

Catupyre Administrative divisions 2662
Region Capital
Andalusia Seville
Badajoz Badajoz
Balearic Islands Palma
Catalonia Barcelona
Corsica Ajaccio
Cuencia Cuencia
Gard Nîmes
Marseille Marseille
Murcia Murcia
Piedmont Turin
Provence Nice
Pyrenees Foix
Valencia Valencia


Real Flags

Alternate Flags

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