Celethor Traditions and Culture

The Country is pronounced [séledor]

Some of you may have heard of this new country called Celethor. Well, in the first place, I have invented it.

Basically, Celethor is a Balkan Nation with 70% Romanian Culture and 30% Greek, why? Because I'm 70% Romanian and 30% Greek :)

It first started as an independent kingdom after the 2nd crisis in my FoE series and it was a reformed Romania at the beginning, but with recent migrations of Greeks in Romanian land, Celethor took some Greek influence along the way.

Wars and war traditions,

Celethor is not such an aggressive country, but with the recent empires appearing in Europe, Celethor had to do something in this manner, so it expanded into the rest of the Balkans, I said that Celethor is not an aggressive country, but when threaten, they respond with the same price.


Government of Celethor is a Celethoric Monarchy, where there are 2 rulers (depends of the regions it has) basically, every ruler rules its province. Also, there is a congress in the country when an action is taken in the country..

Why this? To avoid the thievery made by those who want power and control over the justice, where in Celethor, justice is INDEPENDENT!

Language, Rights and Religion.

First of all, language in Celethor is not an important matter as the people who live there must know as the first language Romanian, they can speak what ever language they want to, but they must know Romanian, too...

Rights in Celethor are very good for the population, they represent the right of the people and their right to their culture ex: In Bulgarian region they have Bulgarian rights, like speaking their own language and having they're traditions, but with some 20% Romanian in them.


Religion within the Empire is Orthodox (the religion in Eastern Europe) where every people must have it..but, the Balkans are Orthodox mostly and that won't be a problem...


The military in the State is separated in: Muntenian HQ, Moldovian HQ and Transylvanian HQ

30.000 Long-Shot Infantry

10.000 Armoured Long-Shots

10.000 Short-Shot Infantry

5.000 Engineers

3 Arca Long-Shot

Celethor Flag

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